Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Just In Case You haven't Voted Yet:
It would behoove all who will be exercising their constitutional responsibility to remember, with clarity, the past eight years.
You might also want to remember that the bomb Mr. Cheney is holding could also read "Increased Infant Adoptions," or "More 'Safe Haven' Baby Dumps, or "Reinstated Maternity Prisons."
We don't need more of the same.


Sandy Young said...

Yes, they are bringing out the old tired fear mongering again, as that worked so well four years ago with GW. Four more years is the scariest thing I can think of for Halloween!!!

I have cast my ballot and if my end is the winner I think it will be, the world is safe for another 4 years! I pray it is so!

Paula said...

The best of luck with the ballot result. A lot of the world's eyes are on this election, mine included. Lets hope Palin and her ilk are kicked back to wherever they came from.

Of course I am hoping that the gay marriage/ civil partnership ballot goes well in the states where it is happening too ;)

Robin said...

Cuz, I hate to say it, but I don't think that FL is going to do well in that area. I have high hopes for some other states, though! Lighting candles for it all on election day! DH and I miss you!!!