Thursday, October 30, 2008

Keeping The Faith

(Excerpts from "Keeping The Faith" by Billy Joel)

If it seems like I've been lost In let's remember
If you think I'm feeling older
And missing my younger days
Oh, then you should have known Me much better
Cause my past is something that never
Got in my way, Oh no

You can get just so much
From a good thing
You can linger too long In your dreams
Say goodbye to the Oldies but goodies
Cause the good ole days weren't Always good
And tomorrow ain't as bad as it seems

Now I told you my reasons For the whole revival
Now I'm going outside to have
An ice cold beer in the shade
Oh I'm going to listen to my 45's
Ain't it wonderful to be alive
When the rock 'n' roll plays Yeah
When the memory stays Yeah
I'm keeping the faith Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Keeping the faith
I'm keeping the faith
Yes I am

Sometimes, it gets to be heavy-going in the search and fight for justice. There are too many who think the job is too big, others that think it can't get done and a lot that don't think we should even be trying. We support each other and try to support the ones who fear the limelight. We are giving other women from the EMS encouragement to anonymously submit their stories about coercion and the pain of loss.

Billy Joel's song was about rock and roll and the era but there are a couple of verses in that tune that, to me, speak of us and our battle. To be sure, it's uphill and hard. It was pointed out to me that the history revisionists are already at work, trying to deny that the EMS even happened. But there are too many of us who know it did to let them get away with the lies.

We live in a big country, where money is power and the government is a playground for special interests..especially those that bring in the big bucks. But people have banded together before, spoken up and made a difference. There is a precedence for getting what we are after and it might be rough going, but it is doable! This is just asking all our friends and sister EMS Moms to please, please, keep the faith. Don't give up on us before we even get started.

It is now November and we are wearing our black, red and white "Sad and Mournful Day" ribbons and observing Sad and Mournful Day on the 30th. We are erecting our website and our Wall of Shame. We are keeping the issue alive and out in front of the public. Each mother has her own special talent and we can each use that talent to help in the cause. Help us hang in there.

Help us in keeping the faith.


maybe said...

I am eagerly awaiting the "Wall of Shame."

Sandy Young said...

It is coming on November 1.
Good blog, Robin. Thank you for consistently keeping on message.

Anonymous said...

Keep the "Faith" right along with all my sisters from the ERA of Mass

I have my ribbons made since we talked about them. I love the colors, love the meaning of those colors, and will wear them with honor as a mother who will fight
even if "others" tell me to move on
let them lose a baby they carried and loved for nine months and have it taken. No, I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy as it forever leaves a hole in my heart.