Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Donaldson Institute Paper Answered

OriginsUSA has issued a press release in response to the Evan B. Donaldson Institute paper on the welfare of the natural mother. It has been noted that the EBDI report left a little to be desired, so expect to hear more from OUSA in the days to come. It is terrific, though, that the EBDI paper has opened the door to more dialogue and has reached the ears of the public. As was noted in a blog by another mom, the vicious hue and cry and attacks from the adoption apologists, adopters and the industry is proof positive that the concept of protection of the rights of the natural mother hit a very big nerve.

It's funny to me, though, how the apologists and the industry still want to speak FOR us, rather than asking us to speak out for ourselves. They still rely on those good beemommies who are sympathetic to the industry, rather than scoping out the real deal...those of us who can admit that we were conned, hoodwinked, scammed and screwed out of our own children. WE are the experts, WE lived it and WE know what was and is done.

I would love to challenge the mainstream media to convey the voices of the mothers exiled from their children's lives, the voices of those of us who had our motherhood legally deleted. I wonder, with the angry denials being spouted on some of the boards, if the fear of the real story becoming public knowledge is reaching a crisis point with those who benefit from adoption. That fear is what has kept the mainstream media in check for so long. With the exception of a few brave reporters and editors, they have only published the warm and fuzzy stories of sweet "forever" families built on the bones of an exiled mother. Maybe now, they might grow a set of cojones and be willing to print more of the real story.

They might learn what many other pro-adoptionists are not wanting them to know about us "deleted" moms...that they might have taken our parental rights, but our motherhood lived on in our hearts and souls. You just can't try to delete what Nature creates without a backlash somewhere down the line.

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