Monday, May 11, 2009

Another Shout!

In this battle over unsealing closed adoption records, something interesting is happening in Missouri. There is an interesting post about this on Musing Mother's blog. She also has a link to an article about this issue. It is enlightening reading.

Seeing as how the records were sealed at the time of the adoption, NOT at the time of the surrender, we can figure out who actually wanted privacy. Those saintly adopters couldn't have us slutty beemommies reclaiming our babies and the agencies and attorneys couldn't afford our grief and awakening. The judges certainly didn't want to give up their God role of "creating families." So there you have it. They are throwing out a myth and hoping it passes as truth.

This just ticks me off, big time.


Mei-Ling said...

I can't believe how much flak "beemommies" get for the simple act of sexual intercourse. Young does not always equal stupid. Sigh.

"She should have taken into consideration that she MIGHT get pregnant, or better yet, just NOT HAVE SEX. And if she MUST have sex, then use birth control. Any idiot knows that a sperm and egg make a baby!"

Pffft. As if birth control is a guarantee.

Sometimes I think these people are so incredibly thick-headed that, oh, I don't know, I want to bash them into the wall.

Michelle said...

Hell, being raised by a slutty be-mommie sounds like much more fun than being stuck with a whiny, desperately-seeking-baby, overbearing, delusional woman!

joy said...

It has never been about "birth" mothers, that is a complete red-herring.

You know it is what it always was about , money. A la deep throat, follow the money.

You know as part of this whole sealed record deal I am not allowed to know where I was between birth and placement. It is for "someones" protection, now who would that be?

Chris said...

Thanks for the Heads-Up Robin..I just gave my 'opinion' over there.

And are correct...that the natural mother is the 'red herring' the adoption industry keeps trotting out on a continual basis..because it works!!

These bastards did not protect us years ago..but want to 'protect' us today??! They can bite my big ass! I surely do not need their 'protection' today..but O! how I and my baby could have used someone, anyone's 'protection' (help) to keep us together in 1964. And I am sick to death of the Lone Mystery Birthmother they trot out each and every time as the sole reason why OBCs should remain sealed. It is simply ridiculous on their part to keep using this same bullshit and the Lone Mystery Birthmother tactic..what? they don't think we can see thru their BS? I believe the ones still stuck in the like this Christine White (Missourian) who it would appear, believes we are all still teens or very young women and all of our adult children are still newborns. Talk about people needing Head-checks! What freakin' world do they live in? Or for that matter...what year?? These adoption industry minions..just need to stay out of our Adult Business..and who the hell asked them to 'protect' us today...other than their Lone Mystery Birthmother or a few that can be counted on one hand??

And yes, it is about us 'red herrings'..they committed some real nasty shit a long time ago and have never been questioned about their methods of bringing newborns to market. There is more in those 'records' than just an OBC..I believe much more..and they don't want to be questioned about their 'methods'. There is no sane reason why adopted people and yes, even us mothers, cannot have copies of the OBCs today..but their 'reasons' for keeping them sealed, I believe are far more insidious than many would like to believe. Us 'red herrings' were there..many of us still have quite a few memories in what was done to us and how they got our babies..but they were very careful. They made sure we mothers didn't get a scrap of paper at the time and therefore no way to legally prove their supposed 'voluntary' surrender tactics bordered on the criminal to criminal, to discrimination and violation of Human Rights. Us 'red herrings' were used yesterday and are still being used the Adoption Industry and it's minions.

This Christine White from the Missiourian..really pissed me off..can you tell?! LOL!

Robin said...

Oh yeah, Chris. And I am seeing signs of the social engineers, pro-adoptionists and the industry at large mounting a new offensive on the vulnerable and weak. They are ruthless!