Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Body, My Rights, My Decision, My Goddess!!

It seems that all the patriarchal steam that has been building up in the breasts of the ultra-conservative, good-old-boy network of congress, the senate and even the clergy is erupting in the legislature. This article from MoveOn.Org about the war being waged against women has managed to piss me off more than anything that has happened in these benighted times. HOW DARE THEY? Chris Lee (R.GA), with the approval of the always offensive John trying to drag us back into the cave with the rest of the Neanderthals. How can they actually propose to redefine rape? Take it from someone who has been there and had that done to her. Rape is rape whether the victim puts up a fight or not. It is either done through force, superior strength, threat of bodily harm or death or, coercion or, for the real loser rapist, drugs. EVERY WOMAN HAS A RIGHT TO SAY "NO," even to her husband and to have legal recourse if that is not respected.

The onslaught against Planned Parenthood, the Right to Choose and even our right to our place in society according to our abilities is under fire. John BoneHead and the Tea Party putzes seem to be playing right into the hands of the Adoption Machine. If we don't have access to birth control, if we are treated as second-class citizens with no autonomy and our sexuality seen as immoral and needing Federal regulation BY MEN, then there are going to be a big bunch of babies for the salivating customers of the Industry.

The NCFA is a powerful and effective lobby for the baby-brokers. These schmucks we have elected are going to push the agenda that gets their palms greased the most and appeals to the ignorant, don't-ask-questions-just-have-a-tea-party, voters. They toss out buzzwords like "socialism" but you won't find a one of them willing to forgo their pensions and government health care. What's wrong with that picture? And where are all those jobs the Tea Party promised us via the GOP??

Never, in my memory, has a president ever been as vilified by the opposition, shown as little respect and hog-tied as effectively as our current leader. I am sickened by the viciousness of the hatred directed towards this man. Hmmm..looks like racism to me. Everyone has their own opinion of his record of activity while in office, and a few of his supporters are unhappy, but we can't even address THAT for the "birthers" demanding witnesses to his birth and documentation above what was supplied by the state of Hawaii. That is a gigantic waste of time...a red herring and just another attempt to obliterate the social progress of the past several decades and keep women and workers under the thumbs of the haves.

As much as I would love to remain aloof from all these teapot tempests, I cannot mentally or emotionally transcend the vicious attack against the ground we have gained as women and the roadblocks being placed in front of our march to justice for the mothers of the EMS. Any type of adoption reform would be totally doomed if these reactionaries have their way. I am not just pissed...I am royally pissed.

The debacle in Wisconsin in another case of a government official trying to remake a state government in His Own Image. Governor Walker seems to think that taking from the middle class and giving to the rich makes him some kind of Robin Hood. Education and the right to organize will feel this one where it hurts. I hope the protesters hang in there.

The wealthy and big business are calling in all markers, now, to keep the IRS out of their offshore accounts. So the programs that stand the most likely chance of being the object of deep cuts are those that offer assistance to the most needy among us. I breathe a sigh of relief every month when I log into our account and see that our Social Security is still coming in. Seniors, single mothers, poor children, anyone with a need who isn't financially able to provide these needs for themselves, these will be the victims of the self-righteous , arrogant social engineers. Oh, and the arts will definitely get the shaft.

I hope that our government and the fat cats that really run it are taking note of what is happening in the Middle East. Where there is injustice, poverty and oppression of ANY sort, there is a ripe and ready arena for revolution. Our Constitution guarantees us the right to peacefully assemble and protest. I think a lot of that is going to be happening.

And I have developed a sudden and deep distaste for tea.


Sandy Young said...

I am appalled at the news recently. The things that are happening, like the things you highlighted, seem like a giant step toward a return to the 1950's. That time was NOT Happy Days unless you were a middleclass or better white male. For women and minorities it was not so much. If we need to turn out in droves in other states, other courthouses, other regions, other statehouses, then turn out we will. I am sure that there will be more...and more...and more until this particular lunatic fringe element is gone for good!

Von said...

I've often thought legilslation about women should be made only by women and voted on by women.
Appalling news, no other way to describe.Perhaps they are planning to encourage a fourth wave of feminists to emerge to join the remnants of the other waves.

Lori said...

Robin, you may add this to the list: There is a green first term legislator in Arizona that has proposed that you can't get an abortion without going through 6 weeks of counseling, this works directly against the "no abortion after the first trimester" being realistic. It makes women from the rural areas spend 6 weeks in a city to obtain an abortion. While I would not want an abortion for myself, I darn well don't want some man choosing for my grandchildren or great grandchildren.

Sunday Koffron Taylor said...

I agree, politics these days are very concerning, racist, anti –woman and anti-child. It does appear that some would have the only reproductive choices for the poor to be either raise or relinquish. I just don’t get it. If they had their way we would have No sex-ed, No family planning, No birth control, No abortion and No right to say ‘NO’ and when the inevitable pregnancy occurs- No support.

Amanda said...

Did you hear about the bill in Georgia that requires an investigation into the cause of a woman's miscarriage?!

Robin said...

Yes, Amanda. I saw that. We are on a slippery slope with these self-appointed Female Sexuality and Reproductive Police. I doubt this one would survive a Constitutional challenge. This is as invasive as mandatory family health histories would be for the mother of adoption loss. There has to be a place where the rights of one end where the rights of another begin.

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