Monday, February 14, 2011

A Valentine Wish For All

As it has been shown here and as I have said on my FB page, we don't all see eye to eye. We don't all agree on the same course to take or have the same priorities. Some of us are more negatively affected than others although we all bear our scars.

But today, in my eyes, we are all just a large group of wounded mothers and their adult children who need love, even when we are at our most unlovable. It's hard to be sweet and likeable 24/7, anyway, even for those who haven't been traumatized by the grief without a grave.

So, whether you like or don't like the Primal Wound theory, whether you have a good reunion or no reunion or a bad one, whether you think all parties to the adoption farce should have equal access or not, you are all my Valentines, today. You are all in my heart and on my mind.

Whether or not you agree with my personal opinions, whether or not you have the same aims and goals that I do, I am loving you, today. We are all in that same, big, old, leaky boat sailing the sea of uncertainty and anger and confusion. We are all survivors, fighters and seekers of the truth. We might not agree on how to get there, some of us might be behaving from our broken and wounded state, but we all suffered an inconceivably painful loss. We all need love and affirmation. We all need to hear our truth told and heard.

So, short and sweet, because tomorrow we will probably be wrangling over the fine points again, Will You Please Be My Valentine, today?

With Love,
Just a Mom


Anonymous said...

Oh Robin after spending a ugly sick day yesterday even telling my Valentine I was too sick to spend day with him.
You always know what to say and how to say it.
I will be your Valentine!
Thank you

Susie said...

Yes Robin, I will be your Valentine!

This is a beautiful post. We are all one, no matter our differences of opinion. We all have the same hole in our hearts, though mine was filled for a bit by your lovely words today.

Cassi said...

Ah Robin, I'd be happy to be your Valentine and help share the love we all need and deserve.

Carlynne said...

Thank you for that Robin, that was beautiful.

Von said...

You bet! x

maryanne said...

I got the best Valentine of all, my son finished his marathon, met his goals, and his wife sent me a picture right away from the finish line. He also wrote me the next day from their vacation:-)

Happy happy to all.