Tuesday, July 29, 2008

From The Ridiculous To The Sublime

It is getting to the point where some of the comments I have received are going past the line of weird and into the realm of hilarious. I actively blog against the institution of adoption, and especially, the crimes against Senior Mothers from the *BSE and I am now receiving ominous, anonymous warnings against what someone perceives to be my "hate" postings. I have read many a blog on this big old Internet, and, when it comes to being "hateful," I am small taters, folks. Hey, go to some of the angry adoptee or adopter sites and read about us. Now THAT's hate!

I also get a put-down, now and then, by some self-appointed mental giant who states that, if I don't publish comments that are in opposition to my viewpoint, that I won't be taken seriously. Well, gee, that IS a worry, but I think I'll take my chances. I have stated, many times, and will state again, that it is not my responsibility to provide a debate forum on the rights or wrongs of adoption. Some people are "fer it,"....I'm "agin it." That's my right and the right of all the other mothers and adopted people who think like I do.

I find it confusing that speaking frankly and honestly can be seen as "hateful," yet labeling Mothers with the "b" word and pre-judging an expectant mother as probably a future abuser and neglecter isn't seen as intolerant and just plain wrong. There are blogs on the Internet where "good Christians" spew hatred towards gays, Muslims, Democrats and, yes, single mothers. I am not too worried that the blog police are going to be coming after me for being opinionated.

The thought police seem to be having a problem. Some people have wandered away from the PC view that adoption is soooo sweet, warm, fuzzy and just wunnnerful and have started seeing the damage done to the mothers and the children. Foreign governments are starting to notice that some less-than-savory characters are marketing the infants and toddlers of their country. It is also being noticed that those who adopt are as likely to divorce, become alcoholic or addicted, molest, abuse and even murder as anyone else. Agencies, here and there, in our own country are having licenses yanked and probationary measures taken against them.

In spite of the big guns behind the AAC and the NCFA, word is getting out about how mothers are being taken in by adoption propaganda and how "open" adoption is worth about the same as a $3 bill. The suicide of one mother who fell for the "open adoption" carrot that was dangled in front of her nose should have made everyone a little bit wary of the fact that, in most states, an "open" adoption can be slammed shut by the adopters and there is absolutely no recourse for the mother. It is also being noted that the patriarchal system is still trying to denigrate a woman who would dare to parent without a man at her side. The last I heard, it is OK to be in favor of the rights of women. It is a man that has suggested the re-opening of those horrific maternity prisons.

This nation, with all its Puritanical arrogance, perpetrated a crime against millions of young women during the era between the end of WWII and Roe v Wade. Unlike the stories about area 51, there has been a goodly amount of printed proof gathered to back this up and it WILL embarrass a lot of people. If you'd like to read some really good and valid information about the BSE, click * here and get your eyes opened, big time.

We Senior Mothers are getting on in years and, as we get older, we tend to say what is on our mind without worrying if it is tea-party-correct. I don't hate adopters. BUT I do hate the act of adopting and the entitled mindset that goes along with it. I also hate intolerance, genocide, child abuse and war.

I guess that makes me hateful. Whaddya think?


triona said...

Robin, how dare you tell the truth about what is happening to mothers and children in the name of adoption. Didn't you get the memo? You were supposed to shut up, go away and forget you ever had a child. It gets peoples' panties in a twist to know that there might be a human face behind the women who provide those wonderfully marketable infants. (Just like it upsets them when those marketable infants come back as damn angry adults.)

And then you're making the adoption brokers go through all that work finding a new way to spin babyselling so it sounds like a good thing. They have enough to do counting the cash they rake in, don't say anything that might make them drop their lattes.

If what you have to say makes someone that upset, you must be hitting too close to home. Maybe they should re-examine why they feel so threatened by your words. And if they're reading this - you idiots, haven't you figured it out yet? Robin could care less what you think, neither could any of us who have been beaten over the head with the adoption two-by-four. Criticize us, we only shout louder.

maybe said...

Hey Robin, those maternity prisons are alive and well in 2008. Check out Harbor House (www.harborhouse.org)
They talk a good game about helping girls "choose", but their
"guiding principles" give away their true intentions.



3. Single-parenting does not fit God's perfect plan for the family. God designed the blueprint for the family: A male father and female mother living together and united in marriage, raising their children to love and to fear Him (Gen. 2:23,24; Ps. 127:3-5; Eph. 6:1-3; Deut. 6:6-9).

4. Adoption is preferred and in most cases the best choice for a minor birthmother. Adoption is a biblical choice and mirrors God's relationship with his children (Ex. 2:10; Esth. 2:7; Is. 63:16; Jn. 1:12; Rom. 8:15; 2 Cor. 6:18; Eph. 1:5).

Robin said...

Yeah, maybe. I know there are some out there, mostly church-affiliated and misquoting and taking scripture out of context to sell their product. But there are not as many as there were in the BSE. The present administration wants to up the number and make them as prevalent as they were in the '60's. That's another reason why McCain cannot be our next president. Not only is he an adopter, he is also a promoter of infant adoption and maternity homes. SICK!

the passionate "peach" said...

Hi Robin ~ I'm feeling the same way ~ it is too late to be trying to please everyone, and time to just speak our truth...thank you for not backing down.
(((Hugs))) ~ Peach

The Improper Adoptee said...

Well, golly gee..If God is so against single mothers, then why throughout history have billons of women been widowed and left to raise little children on their onw? If God is so against single mothers, then why didn't God let Joseph marry Mary FIRST and them have an angel come to him in a dream telling him not to touch her, until after Christ's birth? I clicked on that link above and it scares the hell out of me-I knew a man once, held captive by evangilists for two days at someone's house, so he'd get the "good news". That is exactly what Harbor House is and a whole lot of serious brainwashing is going on-Damn the Christians for this-damn them for ignoring how the Adoption system is a sin in itself, and that God wants them to FORGIVE out of wedlock mothers, not take their child away. And Robin, I know the trolls hurt-they are hurting me too-seriously, I think we should start a a voodoll making group :)....

Robin said...

Hon, they don't hurt, so much, as they annoy. They don't have the power to hurt me...I guess I am too old and onery. But it frustrates me how they will dismiss every thing we say as either individual "bad experiences" or "bitterness." Yep, those slaves sure were bitter and let a few bad masters "color their experience." LOL....Laugh 'em off, Kiddo. It keeps you mentally and emotionally healthy. ;)