Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Oh, Give Me A Break

The Adoption Industry

As our children struggle to open up their adoption records, the Industry, even mindful of their market, keeps letting its influence be known and inserting its slimy tentacles into every action in an attempt to keep the wheels of the flesh trade turning. What started out as a fair, open-records bill in Michigan, has been altered, as reported by my friend, Marley on The Daily Bastardette. They are still wanting to treat our adult children as eternal infants who have to answer to the agencies, state (aka 'Human Services') and adopters. The Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute, famous for speaking out of both sides of the institutional mouth, has been doing a bit of mixing things up through their "representative," and others are adding riders and conditions, for the sake of "barmuggle privacy (read protecting adopters from the truth)."

I am, first and foremost, a senior mother activist concerned with the injustices of that era and the taking of our children for adoption, and I am not involved in the fight for open records for adoptees, but the resistance and feeble rationales they are giving these American ADULTS just chaps my hide. I may not be involved, but I support their efforts. They are, as we senior mothers are, single-minded in their goal. I have learned a lot from watching them and I am sick at heart to see them treated the same way we have been treated.

When we made our sorrow and suffering known in regards to our adoption loss and closed, secret adoptions, the industry, trying to look all compassionate towards us slut-mommies, threw us a "open" adoption. That little item is causing a whole new set of problems and, in most states, is totally unenforceable.

Their spin-doctors have changed the language, calling a pregnant woman a "birth(gag)mother" before she is even in her final trimester, talking about "placing" and "making an adoption plan" and other noxious terms such as "forever families," the most obnoxious misnomer to come down the pike in a long time. We have a real battle ahead of us since the legislature is rotten with adopters and attorneys who specialized in adoption. Add the industry lobbies to the mix and you get a picture of us being Col. Travis, Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie and them being General Santa Ana's army. Remember the Alamo!

The ACLU won't touch us with a ten-foot tort so we, mothers and children, are in the fray, armed with our pitchforks and squirrel guns, coming from the enemy from two sides. Being a South Carolinian, I have to remind myself of the guerrilla tactics of Francis Marion, the "Swamp Fox," and realize that we can make inroads if we keep our eyes on the prize.

Have at them, Bastard Nation, and keep reporting their manipulations and deals and steals. And don't believe, for a moment, that a few cowering, brainwashed mothers represent the majority of us. We WANT our children to have their heritage. After all, it is the real deal.

Anyone for Calimari? Hey, the squid is a relative.

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Anonymous said...

Typical bait and switch of these two bills to keep
adoptee's from the right they should have as adult citizens of United States!

Between Mothers and Bastards these people who think they are getting away with what they do are being exposed..for what they are and what they have done...

They just hate it when WE all speak out and don't stay in
our place..whether its bill, a newspaper, an adopter, or even Evan Donaldson and their adopter agenda.

They are being EXPOSED and one crack leads to two and eventually those who read will see exactly what these adoption manipulators for exactly what they are..

Donaldson has really put their foot in this time..such contradiction..

one day they print one thing and the next day they hire someone who contradicts what they printed!