Saturday, August 14, 2010

And In That Same Vein.....

Up Against The Wall

You were mine for a little while,
And I held you and watched you, in awe,
Of the minute perfection that had come from me,
Of each little movement,
Of each little sound.
For a few short weeks,
You bore the name I gave you,
With thought and with care.
You were the mystery of life made clear,
The reason for love,
The reason for pride.
Unarmed and unaided,
My battle was lost,
Before shots had even rung out through the air.
And the paper I signed,
Bore spots from my tears.
I could not hold back,
I could not retreat,
The wall at my back was uncommonly strong,
So they took you away,
So then, you were gone.
To wait for the new ones,
To claim you as theirs,
To make me a handmaid to their needs and desires,
And they are the ones,
Who hold you now.
Even though they're gone,
You are still theirs.

Robin Westbrook (c)


Liz said...

Hugs Robin.I'm so sorry for your loss.

Lori said...

Beautiful - sad and very honest. Thank you.

KimKim said...

Beautiful writing.