Sunday, August 29, 2010

Snacks For The Dragon

I think one of the most vivid symbols I get in my mind whenever I think of mothers and adoptees harvested and appropriated for adoption is that of a dragon devouring us. The dragon (the adoption industry) grew fat and strong during the EMS and now, is having to subsist on snacks which it hunts in disguise and beguiles into its trap. In the old legends, the fear-filled townspeople would choose a young girl, a virgin, and bind her to a post outside the dragon's den. Thus they ensured that the dragon would leave them alone.....until it got hungry again. Now that the young girls are less respectful of the town elders, the dragon has had to find another avenue to procure its favorite food.

The problem is that the dragon stays hungry. It wears many faces but they are all the faces of greed, envy, covetousness and self-entitlement. The dragon is the PAP lusting after the womb-fresh infant of another woman. The dragon is the adopters poisoning the adoptee's mind against the woman who gave him/her life. The dragon is the NCFA, lobbying in the halls of our government. The dragon is the elected official lusting after the votes and whatever other goodies the lobbyist offers. The dragon is the fundamentalist, reactionary, right-wing church, seeking to expand their numbers and prevent a woman from making a choice. (I believe it has a large lair in Utah)The dragon is every facilitator of adoption who profits from the tragedy of the separation of mother and child. The dragon is the media, ignorance of the truth about the tragedy, and the collusion of state, church and the Industry.

The dragon has so managed to cloud its true nature, that the victims go to it, thinking they are going to be saved, when what they get is devoured. Then, once these gullible snacks have passed through the dragon's gastric system, they laud and glorify the dragon as benevolent, warm, fuzzy and, Golly, just so RIGHT.

The dragon crosses oceans and skies to find its meals. The hunger in its belly, created by its own mythology, never goes away, is never satisfied and is always looking for ways to increase its food stock. It sings its siren song from pulpits, television and movie screens, social service departments and the ignorance of the townspeople. It is politically correct, brings a sweet tear to the eye and is a daggone, Martha Stewart-type, all-around GOOD THING. No one but the ones who have been eaten by the dragon really see the fiery breath and the dagger-sharp teeth.

We speak up, we shout, we write, we demonstrate and we sign petitions and so far, the progress is minimal. I have stopped wondering why it is so hard for the general public to listen to us. I know we are going to have to turn the dragon's fire against itself by chipping away at the myth and the stereotypes. We can try to keep new mothers from entering the dragon's cave. But we can't save them all.

The dragon consumed me and I passed through. But I am not going to be dragon shit. If anything, many of us, mothers and adoptees, are proving to be similar to another mythical creature...the Phoenix. We are breaking free of that draconian dung-heap to which we were consigned and refusing to let the blazing belches of the dragon silence us. For us, there is nowhere the dragon can hide and no way it can disguise its true nature from us. We know the Beast.

Hey, if it has scales, big teeth and breathes fire, it's a dragon.


jenny81271 said...

You had my rapt attention from the first to the last word.....I can think of no better analogy. And yes, this is why we must not be still any longer. One mother, one more voice. Forever, and ALWAYS, Jenny

Chris said...

I have always been mesmerized by Dragons and the mythology. I actually like Dragons and will watch movies, etc..if Dragons are the major theme. Maybe it is the Power and Danger of the Dragon that mesmerizes me. I especially like benevolent dragons with a voice like Sean Connery!

And then we have the "Dragon Lady" though used stereotypically to some Asian women in power...I think we in America have all known of or known personally in our lives a few Dragon Ladies.

Very interesting and thought producing analogy, Robin. Though I will still love my mythical dragon creatures... I could use some wings, the power to fly and breath some times could be quite useful and needed.

Robin said...

I love mythical creatures, as well, Chris. But I also know there are Dracos and then there are the things that devour as in Lord of the Rings.

Von said...

Great image, love it (or not!) although not sure about the political correctness of what pro-adoptionists say and do.

Robin said...

Oh, it is VERY politically correct to see adoption as a good thing. That is why it has support on both sides of the political aisle. Ethically correct is a whole other thing. THAT, it is not. Though legal, I consider adoption to be unethical and, in many cases, immoral.

Laura said...

Excellent analogy! I don't know very much about the mythology of dragons, but the way you explained it, I feel like I got a very concise crash course, and I agree with every word.

Thank you for continuing to be such a powerful voice for us, the mothers of loss.


Anonymous said...

The adoption industry is a dragon disguised as giant rainbow that has a pot of "golden babies" at the end of it.

Adoptive parents are "adoptoraptors". They are vultures disguised as rainbow-farting unicorns that circle and stalk pregnant women for their priceless but expensive babies. They worship and praise the giant rainbow and pray to it for a "golden baby" of their very OWN.

We, adoptees and natural mothers, who were used and/or sold by the adoption machine are indeed rising like the Phoenix. We WILL rip the dragon to shreds.

Thank you so much for this post. It made my day.


ElaineP said...

I was nodding my head reading this entry and reading 'dragon shit' really made me snort. You're on the money :)

Lizzy Brew said...

Thank you, excellent analogy!

It's a shame abortion has to be brought into this. Just goes to demonstrate that the offspring of the young and vulnerable are at risk from both the adoption and abortion camps. False Dilemma this abortion/adoption fallacy. When the adoption dragon wins, the surrender of the loving mother is equated with a nine-month termination!

Anonymous said...

My one and only adoption dream: I give birth to a baby in a pool; it is indoors and the light is sort of aqua green. Some kind of reptilian monster comes and takes the baby away, out the glass door, and I try to follow the trail of blood and slime trailing behind up the pool stairs. But the door is closed.

Robin said... about symbolic, Anon. That one would have had me awake, sweaty and shaking.

Sandy Young said...

I wish that more mothers of loss would allow themselves to feel the anger. The dragon is a being of legend, and unfortunately, Adoption is all together too real and being very active. St. George slew the dragon of legend. However, now the dragon, aided by PR firms, government funding and Lobbyists has become a household pet! Unfortunately, it is a snarling, grizzly monster that will bite their hands too.

Anonymous said...

here is a story on how agencies are trying to redefine adoption as "the loving option" and actually convince expectant moms that "making an adoption plan" is "empowering".....
The sacrificial virgin to the dragon metaphor is very appropriate.