Thursday, August 12, 2010

There Is Always "Plan B"

This online ad for Plan B "Morning After" contraceptive caught the eye of Musing Mother and then caught my eye. I know we were both thinking the same thing. If there is something that can prevent the zygote from implanting and developing, why doesn't every sexually active, single young woman get this? 72 hours is 3 days to prevent an unexpected pregnancy. The sooner you take the pill, the fewer cells are present in the zygote. It is flushed out in a regular menses just as many other fertilized ova have been. Not all  fertilized ova implant and gestate. That's simple biology. No one considers that either an abortion or a miscarriage. In fact, women don't even know when it happens.

As much as I love my adult, reunited children, if this had been available when I was an infatuated teen, and later, an assaulted one, believe me, I would probably have been ordered by my parents to take it. I do know that they give it, now, to rape victims in the ERs of most hospitals. Though my pregnancies were unplanned and problematic, I loved my children and, once I had been through gestation and birth, wanted nothing more than just to hold, love and raise them.

This is just another little bit of evidence to prove the point that, not only have things changed greatly since our day, but that there are not just unnecessary adoptions~ there are unnecessary pregnancies. I can understand a woman forgetting her pill, or a moment of passion becoming so intense that a condom and foam are forgotten in the heat of the moment. But if you can get a simple pill from your doctor or pharmacist to take the morning after the heat has subsided, then for Pete's Sake, do it!!

I am more and more convinced that there is a conspiracy to keep young people ignorant of the simplest and most effective birth control methods. We've all seen how well "abstinence only" works (not) and being sensible seems, to many people in love, to be less than romantic. C'mon people. You can be "swept away" and still take time to take a pill, or use a's simple, fast and easy. Being in love or lust doesn't mean that it's okay to be careless. We've come too far in the areas of medical science and contraception to have to provide babies to an Industry that destroys little families for money.

So, the choices you have are now increased. You can prevent pregnancy beforehand, you can prevent it in the 72 hours following unprotected intercourse, you can legally and safely terminate a pregnancy or, if you feel you must carry to term, you can keep and raise the child YOU created without the social stigma of our era.

All those choices are the most responsible ones I can think of and adoption isn't among them.

* Note: Never say that I won't admit it when I am off the mark. The drug that causes the zygote (fertilized ovum) from implanting is not the same as "Plan B" and is still in the testing stages. There is a drug that will aid in completing the emptying of the uterus when miscarriage is unavoidable and the newer drug is based on that one. I know that one is real because they gave it to my daughter when she started miscarrying.


Chris said...

You don't even need a prescription for "Plan B" now sold over the counter if you are 18 or over.
See this from the Walgreen's website.
""Topic: Birth Control
Question: Do I need a prescription to get the Plan B contraceptive?
Answer:In August 2006, the Food and Drug Administration approved over-the-counter (OTC) sales of the emergency contraceptive drug Plan B (two 0.75 mg levonorgestrel pills) for women age 18 years and older. Before this time, the medication was available by prescription only since 1999.

Women under age 18 still require a doctor’s prescription to obtain Plan B.

This drug is sold only in stores staffed by a licensed pharmacist. A person must show proof of age before being given the medication for purchase. (This transaction is also known as “behind the counter.”)

Levonorgestrel is a synthetic hormone that has been used in birth control pills for more than 35 years. Plan B is intended for use if regular contraception fails (such as a broken condom) or after unprotected sex. The pills—which work by stopping the release of an egg by the ovaries—should be taken by mouth as soon as possible and within 72 hours of unprotected sex or failed contraception.""

Sure wish this was available to me in 1964!!

Chris said...

Are young women of today not even aware that "Plan B" exists? If not, why not?

Chris said...

So the pharmaceutical industry and doctors have known that "birth control pills" taken in a higher dosage immediately after sexual intercourse WILL prevent pregnancy...for the last 35 years!!!
So why wasn't this information given to young women 35 years ago and since??

BUT! they have known for longer than that. When I was pg with my eldest lost to adoption. I was told about a 'shady' doctor that would give you 'pills' to make you un-pregnant. I went and he gave me the pills..forget now how many, told me how to take them..but he did say probably wouldn't work for me..I was like one missed period, meaning already pg. This 'shady' doc did say to me..if you aren't pg, your period will come down, if you are already will remain pg. And we all know today how that ended. So back in 1964, there were docs that knew BC pills taken in a higher dosage immediately after unprotected sex would prevent pregnancy. You have to wonder why they wanted us to remain pregnant.
I don't wonder today...
they wanted/needed "Breeders" for all the paying customers that were Desperate for womb-wet babies!

Anonymous said...

It doesn't always work, this is the voice of experience.

It doesn't end a pregnancy, but it can prevent one.

I am not sure when I first heard of "morning-after pills" I do remember in college having hard time getting one because it was a Sunday and the only places were hospitals owned by Catholics and they wouldn't allow that.


Robin said...

I may have misread, but I saw a report from the AMA that said a mega-dose of hormones could keep a zygote from implanting if taken within 72 hours. The same report also said that many fertilized ova do not implant for some reason or another and are passed our with the regular menses.

Amanda said...

I grew up in a very Conservative (both politically and Biblically) Christian Community. I can tell you that there is a lot of fearmongering against Plan B, and even routine birth control, in some Christian groups.

I received abstinence-only education and was basically told by my school that birth control and Plan B were abortions (which they also told you horrible things about), and every time you had sex you'd likely get a horrible STD.

We were never told about safe-sex or anything else because "no sex is the only safe-sex."

Looking back on it now, what my school taught was irresponsible. It did NOT keep students from getting pregnant. And it never dawned on the school that abstinence-only education was part of the problem. And they certainly did not treat these girls with compassion. The pregnant girls were promplty booted out of the school and if they came to one of our socials they weren't allowed to sit with their former classmates, they had to sit towards the back with the rest of the guests.

I graduated high school only 7 years ago. Some communities are not as progressive as they ought to be.

Anonymous said...

hi Robin
A tiny bit off topic but wanted to introduce a link I found today between Georgia Tann (the baby thief) and Gladney (I'm not crazy about the 2nd source but here are the connections) To be brutally honest, you would probably consider me a voice from the right, generally anti abortion... but I am so glad that these pills are available for rape victims and well, anyone within those first 72 hours. I have learned a great deal from your site. thank you and all the best!! Clare...

Von said...

Couldn't agree more but we speak from the voice of experience maybe we weren't so organised when we were young.Shouldn't every girl have this in her purse along with condoms.If you're under 18 get a friend or relative to get you some for you.