Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Old Kids On The Block

Several of us Senior (*BSE) Mothers have felt the need for an overt and passion-driven movement for justice. Not all of us can be professionals or contribute with credentials that speak of a degree in certain areas, but most of us have the intelligence, drive, passion and determination not to be left out of the process of seeking justice for our Senior sisters and ourselves. To this end, we have created an activism forum for Senior (*BSE) Mothers, only.

This is not a talk and debate and support group, but an activism group for ideas and plans. There will be a website up very soon. Until then, I would like to invite my sisters from that era to join us. This link is to the front page and will give you instructions on how to join. Just go to the bottom of the page and click on "Join This Group." We are moderated and are a private membership group but can be read by the public. We caution those that might feel uncomfortable with that to sign up with an alias, but you will have to share your information with the moderators. If the openness becomes a problem, we will close it down so that we can discuss actions to be taken.

The group is the Senior Mothers Adoption Activism Coalition (see link at right..SMAAC) and is for those of us who only want justice, are not writing a book, milking others for information or seeking fame. It will be a group of equals whose only desire is to see this heinous era addressed. Please contact me if you are interested in joining. Our only exclusivity is that you must be a Senior Mother.

Our logo, pictured, is expressive of women of wisdom and knowledge. We have earned our PHD's in life and experience. We will not remain silent and we will not be dismissed to the sidelines. As a group, we still support the actions of BSERI and hope that we will be a compliment to whatever steps they might be taking.
*Please note that while the Baby Scoop Era has been noted in those terms by several writers, BSERI has copywritten the rights to use the title. We can refer to that era but cannot call our organization by that name. However, the Baby Scoop Era belongs to all of us who lived through it.

Robin Westbrook
Senior Mother of Four
Reformers who are always compromising, have not yet grasped the idea that truth is the only safe ground to stand upon. - Elizabeth Cady Stanton


Anonymous said...

Whoo Hoo,,Robin!

We are speaking and standing tall for all of the mother's who didn't survive this horrendous time and most of all for ALL of US WHO DID...Survivors..

heatherrainbow said...

Yey!!! Keep us updated on the actions that SMAAC does! (I love the acronym!)

Justice does not come naturally, people have to fight for it.

Robin said...

Thanks Anon and Heather. We are not going to let our era go by the wayside or be absorbed into the collective like the Borg. We are also not going to be excluded from the movement for justice for Senior Mothers.