Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dear God, NO!!!!!

I cannot believe that the American public and even the GOP have become so dumbed-down that this would even be a consideration! Yet, I read that La Palin is embarking on a media blitz in anticipation of 2012 and the American media, ever hungry for eye-catching fodder for the masses, is following her efforts. I really wish everyone would just ignore her. She needs to fade away into the wilds of Alaska and go kill another moose or something.

As a woman who considers herself a feminist, I know that some of our worst enemies are within the population of our own gender. This dame is one of the very worst. If this is what the GOP considers appealing to the women voters, they are sadly mistaken. It has been noted that a large portion of President-Elect Obama's supporters were women. Hopefully, those women who voted with their vaginas have learned that, while the time has come for a woman president, it has to be a QUALIFIED and INTELLIGENT woman. If we are going to make history again, as was done in this last election, then we need someone whose vocabulary goes beyond "you betcha" and whose foreign policy experience extends beyond the fact that her home state is just across the Bering Strait from Russia.

C'mon, everyone...surely no one is taking this bimbo seriously? With her and her ilk in a position of power, we could say goodbye to the freedom to choose, access to birth control for single women and girls and the reinstatement of maternity prisons, you betcha! Beyond the fact that her qualifications are nil, she is a danger to the rights that we have fought for and to the fight in which we are now engaged. Justice and acknowledgement for the EMS Mothers?...not if Palin has her way. Open records for adoptees and mothers?...over her dead little Barbie Doll body. Separation of church and state...we could really kiss that constitutional concept bye-bye.

Sorry Ladies, but I don't put her performance on the campaign trail this past year down to inexperience...I say she has a major "DUH" factor. She's just another ex-beauty queen trying to get by on her looks while saying what she knows the Far Right wants to hear. Clever does not equal intelligent. In any event, she probably cannot define the word "moderate" and that is where her party needs to go if they are going to make a come-back from the last eight years of Emperor Dubya and his shenanigans.

So Mr. and Ms. Elephant. If you are going to groom a woman for the 2012 run, you stand a better chance with ANYONE but Sarah Palin. Hey, I'd vote for ANYONE running against her and that is a sad way to decide one's vote. I wonder if Tina Fey would like to run? Hmmmmm


Paula said...

There should new line in t-shirts:

Palin' into insignificance

They could sell well ;)

Robin said...

LOL..I'd buy one and wear it.