Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wishin' and Hopin'

Don't you just wish this was the way it was? When a new president takes over, there is the "honeymoon period," a time of bipartisan cooperation. Yet, we have a site where we can tell President-Elect Obama what we want him to fix and another site for the Republicans where we can give them our opinion of what they did wrong.

The "Fix" list is an easy one. I'd love to see all records, old and new, of adoptions and original birth certificates opened for both natural mothers and adoptees. I cannot, in good conscience, support opening them for just adoptees without including the mothers. Worse, I refuse to endorse opening records where the adopters are included. Open records is not about adopters.

I would like to see a congressional investigation committee formed to look into the actions taken against vulnerable women and girls during the EMS/BSE with an eye to redress and a public apology. I would like to see this extended to a more objective and honest evaluation of adoption and fostering practices in the current era.

I would like to see a firm separation of church and state as is, supposedly, guaranteed by our Constitution. In other words, to the Evangelical, Pentecostal, Fundamentalist, Christian Far Right faction, KEEP YOUR DOCTRINE OUT OF MY GOVERNMENT! We can have a social conscience in this country without your Bible-thumping.

I would like to see some of the monies that are poured into pet projects and unpopular wars used to help families stay together. I would like to see the bond between mother and child honored for what it is rather than them being seen as interchangeable entities. I would like to see an end to eugenics, adoption-entitlement and pompous elitism in our social system.

I would love to see a system of health care that makes sure all children receive the medical attention they need and a system that does not force senior citizens to have to choose between food and their necessary prescriptions. Let's regulate the Health Insurance and HMO industry and drug prices.

I would appreciate immediate and intense attention to the matter of a non-petroleum-based, affordable source or sources of alternative energy. I think we need to kick that oil habit.

That's my short list for our 44th President. Now for the bewildered Republicans who want to know what went wrong.......

We suffered under eight years of the worst leadership in recorded American History. You did not keep the churches and doctrines out of our government (see above) and you played to the Fundamentalists' agenda of fear and intolerance.

You ignored the poor and the middle-class while providing a candy store of benefits for CEO's and Big Business, one of which was the Adoption Industry which is NOT a non-profit entity. "Trickle Down" economics just doesn't work, anymore.

You brought in a flaky bimbo in an attempt to woo women voters who were backers of Sen. Clinton. You must think that we are all as dumb as this woman. Palin in 2012? I don't think so! I think you knew that you were in the toilet, so it was back to spin and manipulation of the population.

You pandered to the Religious Right by trying to interfere with our right to choose our own reproduction options and denying harmless and deserved rights to gays and lesbians. Intolerance is only popular with Nazis, skinheads and the ignorant and inflexible. Were you going for the most easily-controlled faction in our population? Hmmmm!

You followed your "leader" into a war that should never have been and was started by a lie and continues because you dug a hole too deep for us to climb out of, quickly. Meanwhile, our sons, daughters and grandchildren are targets for the wing nuts in the Middle East.

As a political party, you guys have a lot of work to do. Try talking to the moderate members of your party. They might give you a clue.

To Both Parties: FIX THE ECONOMY! If you read your world history, you will recognize the fact that two of the bloodiest revolutions, the French and the Bolshevik, happened because of the wide gap between the haves and the have-nots. Poverty and hunger are a fact of life in America. People are losing jobs, their homes and their retirement savings. That's not just uncool..that's downright dangerous. Our children are worse off, financially, than we were. What's with that????

Also, be prepared to hear from those of us who had our infants taken just because we were young, single and without financial independence. The indictments against those who caused this have been a long time coming. Moreover, we are not wanting to see it happen again! You might want to re-examine that infant adoption initiative and the industry as a whole. Women are not brood mares for ANYONE.

I am sending a copy of each of these lists to the appropriate recipients. Hey, all they can do is ignore it. Nothing ventured.... nothing ventured.

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