Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Honey, You Get Nasty When You're Scared!

Someone who doesn't have the cojones to use their name has opened a blog, very sparsely posted to or visited, called "Senior Mothers." They use that blog for sophomoric ridicule of the SMAAC organization and have decided to get really snarky. The resulting rhetoric is rather illiterate. They seem to think that any burning lamp is a "genie's lamp" rather than the Lamp of Knowledge.
But then, from the tenor of the messages and posts, I would think that these are juveniles and have yet to learn of the importance and impact of symbols. Most people tend to berate that which they fear or of which they are ignorant.
Now, to those of you, if any, who are adults; is your mother living? Is she in her 50's or 60's? Then guess what! YOUR mother is a senior mother. What about that?? Did the fact that your mother got older or is getting older make her any less a mother? Do I need to reduce my words to those of one or two syllables in order for you to get the message?
Keep this stupidity up. The only ones that are looking bad are the ones who are posting that incorrect, petulant, vicious and inane crap. Go ahead and use Senior Mothers as your blog title. It will just send more people our way. Thanks for the free publicity!
Oh, and for those of you posting and commenting over there, we have these nifty little things called spell-check and grammar-check. Try them. You'll sound smarter, anyway.


Sandy Young said...

"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win."

Mahatma Gandhi

Good one, Robin. BTW, they misspelled Barbara Bisantz's name, among other things. I wonder if with all their superior computer knowledge they have not been able to find spell check....

Chris said...

The dullard blogger of the blog you mentioned, seems to be somebody who has an axe to grind and probably a person that is known to us. You know what I gotta say about the anonymous blogger/s...Fuck'em!! He/she believes they are quite clever and comedic...a real one-man/woman show, don't give this blogger the time of day on 'it's' blog...I know I surely won't. Anonymous Bloggers are COWARDS and not worth my energy to feed their ridiculous anonymous egos!! Nuff said!!

Chris Winter

Robin said...

You're right, Chris. Most bullies of this ilk are cowards at heart. Gosh...enormous, anonymous egos. I'll bet you're right. We do probably know who this is. LOLOLOL

Anonymous said...

Robin, this should have been your April fools entry. You had me scared there for a minute!


Carol said...

I agree - it's pretty pathetic. Clearly this person needs to get a life and stop hiding behind his/her computer screen when they feel threatened.


joy said...

People who do things like that are ridiculous, I have a hard time caring what they think.

I have one too, I mean honestly who has the time for that nonsense?