Friday, January 19, 2007

Land of the Elite and Home of the Self-Entitled

What Has Happened To Our Country?

I am sick at heart and, honestly, quite furious. The court hearing for Stephanie Bennett to, hopefully, overturn surrender of parental rights to her daughter, Evelyn, that was held this morning in Akron, Ohio, did not go well. From what I am able to see, the total corruption of our national ethics and morals and sense of compassion, in our courts and in our laws, where the rights of mothers and families are concerned, has been accomplished by the eugenicists, adoption attorneys, social workers and the self-entitled adopters of this nation. Pat your sorry, pompous selves on the back because you won. Please take note, also, that I could give a rat's ass who I offend at this point.

A nice, average family, who didn't deserve this crap, has lost their little girl and that little girl has lost her chance at a natural and normal life in the bosom of her True and Natural family. Good going, you guys. Now, whose baby shall you snatch next or which mother shall you coerce and manipulate today? Work, work, work...*sigh. Maybe, if you guys rush, you can also get 9 holes in before dark.

To the people who have baby Evelyn in their clutches, right now: You know in your hearts (if you have one), whether you'll admit it or not, how this family is suffering, and that this child is going to suffer, as well. Is it all worth it so that you can have a baybeeee (whiiiine)? That you not only took that child and hid her and defied a custody order, but that you probably also feel justified in doing so, just reinforces my lack of respect for the majority of adopters. How lacking in compassion and caring can anyone be? How arrogant you are as to think that you are, in any way, superior to a child's natural family. How ugly you are in your smug, self-entitlement. Yet, you actually expect us to fall all over ourselves in sympathy for your infertility or other reasons for thinking that we owe you our precious children? What kind of people are you?

To the agency "A Child Wailing for Their Mothers...oops, I mean Waiting," and the affiliated attorneys and the school assistant superintendent and the school "counselor;" I hope this comes back and bites you all in the posterior. Your methods, while perhaps "legal" were certainly, egregiously and obviously unethical. I doubt that you have the moral fiber to be ashamed of yourselves, but what goes around, comes around. There are a lot of people who think you should be thoroughly investigated, and soon. This case vividly shows this horrible industry and its minions for what and who they really are.

I am totally ashamed to be living in a country where money and the arrogant ideas of a few, self-righteous proselytizers and the needs of a few over the rights of many can take precedence over simple compassion and fair play.

To the Bennett family; You are all in my heart and my prayers. I am so sorry that this happened to you. Please, hold on to hope and hold each other close. We are all hurting with you. We know how it feels.


Anonymous said...

Why am I not shocked at all? Does anyone know the name of the school and the admin involved?

Robin said...

Yes, laras. You can look this up by going to the Akron Beacon website. More of the particulars of this case are bound to come out.

Anonymous said...

Robin, so many of us BSe moms grew up right after the Depression and I think there was less of a self-entitlement attiude then. True, BSE mothers and children were treated badly and viewed as a 'social problem'.

But I do recall that it was not considered a moral failing to be poor( my own parents could not pay the hospital bill when i was born...but no one suggested that they should give me to a richer couple).

Now, a mother is told that her child will suffer if she cannot provide a lush life-style.

And those who can provide the lush life-style seem to think this entitles them to someone else's baby.