Saturday, February 09, 2008

No Words Needed

Today, I turn my blog over to ...another blog! Someone did their homework and put it into a very readable format. This is a timeline for the way adoption as we know it, today, has developed and infiltrated the rights of natural families throughout this nation.

I get a lot of flack, especially from adopted people who defend their adopters even though they know what part they played in the tragedy of their adoption, and those who think we can "educate adopters" about the fact that there is NO such thing as a "Triad." Someone else described it best as a lop-sided the larger end, there are the adopters and the army of facilitators that make adoption possible. At the smaller end are us moms and our children. Needless to say, we definitely are on the "loser" end and adopters and facilitators are on the "winner" end.

So read the blog above and see what a methodical and determined bunch the adoption "professionals" and the eugenicists and adopters really are.

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....for BSERI said...

Thanks for the link, Robin!
I HATE that they are taking our tax money and turning it against women.