Saturday, October 07, 2006

Infant Adoption Awareness Idiocy

There is so much I would like to say about this intrusive piece of offal that allows religions, among others, to push moms into adoption to suit their eugenic orientations. But I just don't have the words right now so I am urging you to click on the title of this short piece which will link you to an excellent article. You might also want to click on "Musings of the Lame" in my links in the right-hand column and see what another Mom has to say about recent developments in this area...very in-depth and informative. I also would like to refer the reader to the article about Dr. C. Bachrach's study which, highly pro-adoption, skews the facts no end.
You can find this article at .

I want to place a big billboard across from every church-operated agency in the US that screams, "KEEP YOUR SELF-RIGHTEOUS DEWCLAWS OFF OUR BABIES!!!" But some might see that as excessive...ya think? But again, do I care if some think it is excessive?

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Anonymous said...

What I am thinking right now is
that We as parents MUST tell
our children that we will support
them if they become pregnant. We
need to let all our children know
that losing a baby to adoption
hurts more than anything. We have
to talk to our children now, not
later, about sex, about pregnancy.
If we are grandparents, we should
be able to receive the same support
and funds to raise the children.