Monday, October 02, 2006

Whoa! Handslapper Alert!

Yesterday and last night was my time for the critic's corner, I guess. I just had to answer a couple of questions from those joyfully deleted harrangues.

To one poster; No, I have never adopted a child, never want to and won't play one on TV. Why? Well, Gee, it's because I have seen the wreckage and pain among the mothers and their children who were used by this arrogant institution (including me and mine) and I would NEVER contribute to that kind of pain. That was a really weird question. I assume you think that the fact that I have never experienced being an adopter means I don't have any right to object to adoption? I don't think so.......

To Another; Why should it bother you that my reunited children refer to me and think of me as their Mother? They also call their adopters the same thing. They have enough love to go around. Doesn't your adoption-acquired child have the same capacity or has adoption stunted his/her emotional growth? You are obviously very insecure. Get over it.

To The Person Who Objected To My Piece on My Hospital Visit; At no time did I ever say that I was not grateful for the trained people and the technology that was able to give me, FOR A CHANGE, a positive diagnosis. But that did not negate the fact that I should have been on the right medication to begin with (we could have an entire discussion about HMO's and drug coverage on this one) and that I felt 10 times worse after going into the hospital than I did when I went in. I will go to the ends of the earth to avoid another chemical stress test and you can take that baby to the bank. As a person who has numerous medical conditions and is on disability and is damn sick and tired of being sick and tired, I figure I can gripe about whatever I want to. It hurt and it felt terrible and I have the right to complain. This will have to be YOUR problem, honey-bunch.

OK..questions and comments answered for today.


Anonymous said...

Robin I can't resist this - but did someone actually complain about "gratitude" for trained people and technology?

oh.....good lord ROFLMAO
this is one for the books -
someone needs to get a life


Robin said...

Hi Leslie,

Yeppers, sure as I'm born, I was taken to task for not "realizing how lucky I was to be able to get that testing" and for sounding "put upon." I think I also caught Heck for reading magazines in the doctor's office from the same person..?? You are right. Someone has entirely too much time on their hands. But the upside is that after a few days of the correct medication, I am BETTER! Yay!!!

I also received another hand-slap from the adopter who objected to my post about adopters and made mention of the fact that I had never adopted and how that meant I had no right to judge. I'm over that one as well. What part of "anti-adoption" don't some of these people understand? And what power do they think I hold that it is important for them to attempt to debate me or change my thinking? If they are secure in their actions, then what I say shouldn't matter. But, then, that's life, I guess.

Glad to hear from you, Hon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Robin,
I have just started reading your
blog, which I found from Third Mom.

I am an adopter. Thank you for
writing so clearly and powerfully
about your feelings and experience.
I have a lot of respect for you
and I think you have some excellent
I would like to know more about
your thoughts on guardianship,if
you have time to write about it.
Thanks again