Monday, November 01, 2010

Vroom, Vroom

November used to remind me of cooling temperatures, Thanksgiving and preparing for the Holidays. Now, it includes a less enjoyable observance. Yep, it's good, old National Adoption Awareness Month and time for the farting of rainbows by clueless unicorns. But I am revving up to do my snarky best to keep the truth about adoption an obtainable commodity.

It's kind of like a drag race between us and them. Now, if I were a dragster, I would probably be a Funny Car, but when it comes to this issue, there is no mistaking the passionate power behind the rumble from my glass pack muffler. I just have to watch my fuel mixture because I can explode.

I intend to do my share of blogging in direct contradiction to the posies and idylls from the creators and sponsors of this annual farce. I love the fact that, at SMAAC, we have dubbed November to be National Adoption BEwareness Month. For us, this is a month for wearing our ribbons, for observing National Strange and Mournful Day (from a line from Paul Simon's "Mother and Child Reunion") and getting in your face with the Industry that trades in the flesh of children.

The lobbyists and the National Council For Adoption and other facilitator groups have done a good job of buying off legislators and conning the public with warm, fuzzy images that are anything but reality. We just came out of the fog an average of two decades ago. The adoption engine has been humming merrily along during that time. The Industry counted on our silence to keep their numbers up, but the supply dwindled while the demand remained strong so they had to adapt. Their marketing and PR techniques are top of the line. All we have are our individual voices.

I got my ribbon badge out of my jewelry box and am freshening it up. It's simple enough to put together with black ribbon for grief and loss, red for passion and righteous anger and white for hope. Most of us pin ours on with a stud earring with the birthstone of our child who was appropriated for adoption. In my case, that is a diamond (April) for my daughter and a pearl (June) for my son. I wear it everywhere and am happy to explain its meaning to anyone who asks.

I invite all my sister mothers, especially those from the EMS/BSE, to write letters to the editors, engage in discussion, write their elected representatives, blog, if you like, add this to your facebook page and get the word out. This is a race we need to win and it's not won in just one heat.

So, Ladies, start your engines, watch for those staging lights on the Christmas Tree and show the industry your rear bumper. Vroom, vroom.


Unknown said...

Ribbon up, Ladies, the month is upon us! I hate how they hijacked one of the best months of the year, but it is so ironic to me that this it kicks off with Dia de los Muertos...a celebration of mourning and the departed!

Lori said...

Making my ribbon soon! Thank you ladies!

halforphan56 said...

Is this ribbon only for mothers of adoption loss? Can adoptees wear it as well? I would like to make one with a stud earring with the birthstone of my mother (she died when I was three months old). Her death was the beginning of my father's short journey to relinqusihing me because he was given no other options. I know this is not the same as the loss you've experienced, and I in no way want to diminish your loss (which is a barbaric way to lose a child). I lost my entire family, so I would like to wear this ribbon and explain it to those who ask. It might put a damper on those who are adoption famatics.

Robin said...

Halforphan, this is for the mothers. I'd have to ask if it would be appropriate to wear on in honor of your natural mother.

halforphan56 said...

Than you. I await to be informed.

Carol said...

Okay, as Sandy says, "ribbon up." I'm going to make one of these. Even though I've known about them for a couple of years now I haven't made one because talking about adoption from my point of view is crap tough. But I like the idea of making the ribbon for myself and that is a start. And after that, I will think about when and where I wear it and move into that realm.

I'm doing this for me, and I'm doing this in part for and because of you, Robin. You and all of the mothers who are blogging the truth about infant adoption are really doing something so very important.

Thank you,


Robin said...

Halfanorphan, make your badge and wear it with pride. ;o)

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say good luck, in the UK thankfully adoption awareness is about children in the state care system finding foster carers actual needy children unlike america.

Anonymous said...

Writing a letter to one pro-adoption agency as we speak! It won't do any good I'm sure but it'll make me feel better!

Oh and from one Motorcity First Mom.....LOVE THE MOPAR!!!!

:-) :-)