Sunday, February 14, 2010

Angelina WILL Have Herself a Haitian Trophy Kid (She Has Spoken)

"Our human impulse to rescue is a profound one and an honorable one. But what we think of as a rescue can often compound the losses that children and cultures experience. Most societies, no matter how desperately poor, cherish their children and it is a huge loss to them to have their children removed."—Jeanne Howard, co-director, Center for Adoption Studies, Illinois State University

If I had to attach a caption to the picture of LaJolie to the left, it would be, "Oh Yeah? Well I want a Haitian kid and I am going to get one!" She has already announced her intentions, no ifs, ands or buts and the Haitian government statements and the observations of so many, such as Jeanne Howard, EBDI spokespeople and us anti-adoption "extemests" be damned. She is going to add to her collection, regardless of how anyone, including the target child, feels about it.

Now, we are talking about a serial adopter, one who soul-kissed her own brother in front of the media, who wore a vial of her, then, husband's (Billy Bob "I'm Weird, Too" Thornton) blood on a chain around her neck. They also had tats that had to be changed, when the marriage went down the toilet. She has an unhealthy and hostile relationship with her father and had no compuction about stealing another woman's husband. But she seems to see herself as super-mom.

I would be willing to guess that she thinks if she adopts enough children she can look like a saint and a hero no matter how messed-up she really is. You've already proven you can reproduce on your own, Angie. Leave the children of other people and other cultures alone, already!

The Daily Bastardette and her Haitian Blog, End Child Exportation and Trafficking in Haiti, are good resources for keeping up with the unfolding story of chicanery in the midst of the Haitian crisis. What with the involvement of Jorge Puello, suspected child trafficker who deals in kid-flesh for all purposes, including the most heinous, and his possible connection with Sislby and the New Lifer "missionaries," the Haitian people don't need celebrities digging their greedy paws into the kiddie pool in that stricken nation.

Jolie has big money. So does her SO. Instead of using that to get another kid for her collection, why can't she use it to help Haitian families stay together, rebuild their homes and keep their heritage and culture intact? Now THAT would be heroic.

Just a thought.


birthmothertalks said...

When I click on The Daily Bastardette on this post it takes me right to my dashboard on my blog. Is it just me? Weird.

Robin said...

Try it again. I had the same thing happen so it must have been a mistake on my part. I fixed it.

Lori said...

All I can say is this - It figures. Angelina Jolie is someone I will ban from my viewing - I don't care how good the movies was. Her selfish, uncaring ways are so horrifying that I will probably ban Brad Pitt too - why bother to have someone that is so twisted in my viewig world.

Besides, the only way to hurt someone that rich is to hit them in the wallet - maybe if we banned her movies and anything else she is in she would stop being a baby snatching weirdo.