Sunday, February 14, 2010

There's Something About Sister Mary

Shades of the nuns of the BSE. Today, on the front page of The Orlando Sentinel, Sister Mary, AKA Laura Maria Caballero, has captured my appalled attention. In this in-depth article, Her Friends and Foes , characterize this woman as an "intense advocate or adversary." After reading the entire article I can only see a frustrated social engineer who carries around a delusion of having the moral authority  to coerce, badger, con, steal or otherwise remove children from their parents and even take them to another country.

She spent a lot of time trying to separate one Robina (*and I thought I was the only one) Robinson from her two young children, even going so far as to file suit in court for custody. Under what auspices she practiced her attempts at baby-theft is unclear. According to the Roman Catholic Church, she is not a nun, although she says she is. She supposedly is part of a sect that split from the Roman church but the lines are still vague.

Caballero rose to power in the St. Filomena Catholic Church in Eustis, FL, managed to get herself named a "guardian ad litum" in Lake County, and wielded her influence with vigor and arrogance. Robinson, in order to keep the good sister from taking her children, turned them over, temporarily, to the DCF and was re-granted custody. Robinson stated that Caballero "violated her trust" by pretending to look out for her best interests. She was relentless in her coercion attempts.

Another family with a little girl, Maria, was followed to South Carolina by our nasty nun, and persuaded to let her take the child, thinking she would return her to their relative's home. She told them, when she showed up in SC, that they would "never get away from" her. She took the little girl, instead, to Argentina and returned without her. That was in July of last year. On Feb. 2, Maria was returned to her family and the morality maven was charged with false imprisonment (NOT kidnapping???). So now child-theft is actually false imprisonment?

There are people who are trying to excuse this woman's behavior and she, herself, believes she has done nothing wrong. Meanwhile, there are more families that seem to have run afoul of Caballero during her guardian ad-litum days. They are calling the Lake County Sherrif's office to find out more about what has happened to children with whom she was involved. The spokesperson for the Sheriff's office says they are "very open-minded to where this can take" them. Huh?

Robina Robinson's husband put the poser to the public with this question. "I wonder how  many mothers are out there now that she convinced to give their kids up?" I wonder, too, Mr. Robinson. More than that, I wonder how she got away with it for so long and why it looks like it might be possible that she will, again. This woman needs a padded cell with a double lock far away from any children.

Georgia Tann reincarnated?

I had some time on my hands and decided to give poor sistah a make-over. This is my result.


Lori said...

What horribly cold eyes! She does not even look at the camera! She reminds me of the SW that stole my daughter by threatening her life.

Kidnapping is kidnapping. The issue is that she took the child and had permission. The parents allowed her to take the child. The issue was that she did kept the child from the parents. Thus, false imprisonment. Sad and stupid, but true.

Robin said...
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Robin said...

OK...I see your point. I think the legal line is fuzzy. I would think that, since she obtained physical custody of the child through false pretenses, it would blur the line and kidnapping would be an appropriate charge. I'm no attorney so I suppose it's a matter of what the law says.

Sandy Young said...

I just love how women like this determine for themselves who should be parents and who shouldn't. She professes to be a Nun and a Woman of God, rather like the "Missionaries" in Haiti. And, yet, they see no disparity in shuffling children like a deck of cards, to someone other than the mothers and fathers to whom God assigned them. They are NOT women of God, not followers of God, but people who USE God and LOVE as a means to their carefully crafted end! They love the power and the impunity they get, and the money ain't bad, either!