Monday, February 01, 2010

Things Are Getting Religiously Ridiculous

"We can tell him he's adopted when he's older." 

As I keep up with the farce going on with the different religious groups trying to harvest Haitian children, I can't help but wonder what the man, in whose name these nutbars do their deeds, would think. If he is, indeed, historically genuine and if he said even a part of what is attributed to him, I think he would be less than pleased. Where did Jesus say, "steal the little children and give them to only those who think they follow me?"

The LDS are the latest to merit a very good article posted by Bastardette. And the good old disciples of cult-founding nutbars Smith and Young are dealing in big numbers. They are going for over 100. A new blog, initiated by BD and friends, is a good read, a chronicle of the ongoing attempts by religious groups and agencies to grab while the grabbing is good. Who cares about little matters of culture and color and language when you can create good little fundies without having to birth them, yourself? Who cares about how these children really do and really will feel about their so-called "rescues?"

After my experience as a BSE Mother, I can relate this attitude to the social workers and agencies that "worked with" me when I was coerced into surrendering. It is pure, blind arrogance and/or unadulterated greed. It is a fact that the home-grown adoptable infant became scarce so these Ultra-Maroon Nimrods (thank you, Bugs Bunny) have cast their nets abroad in increasingly diverse directions.

I vividly remember what one PAP posted on a certain, adoption-happy forum that will remain anonymous. She railed against a 16-year-old who had decided to keep and raise her baby. "How dare she? That baby should have been MINE!" She went on to post about how much more suitable and deserving she was. She was a prime example of the insanity of adoption, baby-coveting and the dogma of those who facilitate this madness. This madness has reached its Zenith when people think they have rights that overreach those of mothers and blood kin.

Somewhere, in our culture, we have developed something dark, nasty and dangerous. The Ugly American is alive, well and predating on everything from petroleum rights to children. The arrogance of so many of us, assuming that our culture, governmental structure, religion and ideals are so superior to anyone else's, has made America a dim shadow of what it was supposed to be. Of course, the US should be largely populated and governed by Native Americans but that's another blog for a political site.

Every time I see a "choose life" license plate or see the huge number of religious TV and radio stations and conservative pundits pushing their poison, I want to run away....far away. I wonder what is there of the God of love in any of this? Agape' is only offered as an incentive to convert. We are well on our way to having a state religion in this country and it will be one that is not friendly to the mothers who are single, young and poor. It has already proven itself to be a nemesis to the children of other cultures.

It is the "faith of our fathers" that was instrumental, along with the newly-fledged, "professional" social worker that perpetrated the horror of the Era of Mass Surrenders in the US. It was and is the greed of a corrupt system that keeps this blasphemy alive.

Global warming doesn't scare me that much. I guess I'd rather be doomed than damned.


Sandy Young said...

I get tired of being embarrassed that I am an American when I see this stuff happening. It seems that each bunch is even more entitled than the ones who were on the day before!

I hope that the recent bunch of Baptists are prosecuted to the fullest, including the father/husband of the leaders who, on the news this morning from his comfortable Idaho home, threw the whole bunch under the bus!

What will it take to wake society to the fact that International Adoption, Domestic Adoption and even now, foster adoptions are largely Child Trafficking?

Robin said...

Good question, Sandy.

They called her Chloe said...

I read Haiti officials were able to stop one bus load of children being taken to DR and arrested about 6 americas who did the baby scoop off the streets. They believe at least one of the babies is not an orphan....
But how many have been lost and I have no doubt in my mind if there is a baby that goes to a US family that is later found to have his/her family alive and well in Haiti that he/she will not be returned to his/her first parents.
sigh...what is wrong with these people???