Monday, February 15, 2010

Letter To The Editor

I don't know if it will appear in the paper, but I had to write the Orlando Sentinel and express my dismay over the antics of "Sister Mary." (see post below)

To The Editor;

I read, with appalled fascination, the story of "Sister Mary," aka, Laura Maria Caballero, on the front page of Sunday's (2/14/10) Sentinel. After reading it twice, I had some questions of my own about this person.

How did she become a guardian ad litum for Lake County? Is she an attorney or, in any way, certified for this position? And what moral authority did she possess to justify, coercing, hounding and otherwise making life miserable for these parents? Most importantly, since when is kidnapping considered false imprisonment?

Her tactics reminded me of the bad old days of maternity homes and forced surrenders. Families have problems. Many people are poor. Does that give this woman, or anyone, for that matter, the right to indulge in social engineering by taking their children?

I would tell her friends to see that she gets help and to stop making excuses for her. What she did was wrong. She should not be allowed within miles of any child.

Robin K. Westbrook
Sanford, FL


Karen Dawber said...

Just the photo of this thing (woman is too good to use)gave me chills. Thanks for the Letter to the Editor.

Sandy Young said...

I always find it so interesting that no matter the crime, if it is done in the name of "adoption" it becomes so much lesser, because the intention is to give the child a better life. Says who? Who decides these things? Is there a "Better Life Panel" someplace that no one tells us about? Does the mother mean nothing? Do family ties, heredity, heritage and DNA account for so little.

We have always had women like this one. They were often the ones who took our babies in the BSE. There were some before that time, too...some famous ones, even. Georgia Tann comes to mind...who got away with literally ripping children from the arms of their mothers, killing some, losing them because she was playing god by creating families. Forget the devastated families and the destroyed lives that were left in her wake...

Maryreunited said...

I agree with everything Sandy said, you get em Robin! At least soemone will read it, even if it doesn't get published!