Sunday, May 30, 2010

News Flash!!


UP (Uppity Broads) News Service; Ima Ditz, Sr. Reporter

5:43AM, Washington, DC. A group of women describing themselves as Senior Mothers from the Era of Mass Surrenders stormed Congress demanding that a hearing be held into the past injustices done to unmarried mothers in a time frame which they describe as an era of wholesale baby-theft and discrimination against the single mother. Our nation's leaders and lawmakers responded quickly and as expected. George, Teddy, Abe and Tom were among the first to respond.

The mothers were told that "someone would get back to them" and they were given a brochure on infant adoption awareness as they were escorted from the floor of the house of representatives.

Film at 11.


maybe said...

Robin, you are a hoot!

Sandy Young said...

If that is an invitation, just hold on while I get my sensible shoes and I am right with you! Sounds like the beginning of a plan! But, Robin, aren't you afraid that someone might think we are angry or bitter? Oooohhhh, they might think we were mean girls or something....

Robin said...

Damn the anger and bitterness and full steam ahead!! In fact...anger makes for some pretty potent steam. LOL

Anonymous said...

WOW I would give my right hand to have been (WAE YOU SENIOR LASSIES, TRULY BRAVE HEARTS).

I would have worn MY KILT, and let them know it was endemic during the baby scoop era,throughout the western world.

I would stand tall,side by side with my sisters.

Our truth, our injustices to be recognised and validated, nothing less than government inquiries into the crimes against us, to mention a few,guinea-pigs to the drug DES-Stilbiestrol, legal rights,human rights,welfare rights, civil rights DENIED US.

Tartan Hugs


Robin said...

Marah, Love, thanks for the kudos, but this was pure satire. So far, we haven't even been able to get a legislator to hear us out.

Anonymous said...

They sure have big asses! Thought men had smaller asses from all that pumping! That's just my theory on that matter.

If the politicians weren't so busy in bed with those who get them reelected then they might be able to handle some "angry" and "bitter" women.

No, time for that as they are on second or third marriage trying to adopt another baby who they will never see, or even, care about its just the image that is important.

Lets see last night on the radio, they called those who "adopt" or foster "hero's" and added that some parents can't take care of their children because of the economic conditions and another excuse. Sounds like EMS times but of course adopters ONLY want babies, NOT full grown kids!

Hero's my a$$ the true hero's are the mother's that have endured the adoption experiment.

would love to kick all those asses, and a few more including a special hero of my choice.

Robin love you spunk, and you certainly, make a grandmother laugh.