Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Sanctioned Evil

For those who are familiar with the strides made in Australia in recognising the crimes against mothers in their BSE, you are probably also familiar with the late Dian Welfare. She was a pioneer, a fighter, a mother and a friend to many of us. She died as she lived the last years of her life, with courage and conviction.

Whenever I start feeling discouraged, beaten down by the naysayers and the "frenemies" that want to undermine us, I go read at the site Lily Arthur, herself a fierce and awesome advocate for mothers, set up in honor of Di and her life.

Di wrote a 6-page article about adoption and the treatment of unmarried mothers in Australia entitled, "A Sanctioned Evil." Well researched and filled with the certainty of one who knows her words are true, this article has helped me through many a bad spell when my resolve wavered. It is worth the time of anyone interested in how the industry and the government of countries come together to deprive a mother of her rights and her baby the comfort of his or her kin.

It is also worthwhile, if you can get a copy, to see Lily's story on DVD that was recorded from an Australian television show. It's called "Gone To A Good Home" and you can find it by going to the Origins NSW site. I have a copy and it is among my most prized possessions.

But as to what a "sanctioned evil" is...it is any activity that hurts citizens with the approval and support of the government. We have had our own version in effect for many years and it has morphed into a powerful and manipulative industry. To deny the aspects of financial and social engineering that are part of this government/industry collusion would be naive.

That shows us exactly what every activist in ever faction of this battle is actually up against...the US government. Legislators are, for the most part, lawyers. Lawyers make money from adoption. Adopters put money in their pockets. There is also the religious right  who supports anyone who will support them increasing their numbers through adoption. Those Bozos also manage to get a little old-fashioned, paternal, punitive action in against those wanton single mothers. Can't let the womenfolk get uppity.

What with the ongoing combat in Iraq and Afghanistan, the economy, the (*choke) "Tea Partiers" and international unrest, we are seen as relatively unimportant in the overall scheme of things. Although I am not particularly fond of some of the compromised legislation that is being pushed by many of us, I have to admire the fact that they got some attention and action of any sort. Those of us not satisfied with halfway measures and baby steps have an even harder uphill climb.

I have felt very impotent at times. I have grown tired of the lack of general understanding, the infighting and the sniping. I have wanted to close the lid on this one-eyed monster and never write another word about the mothers of the EMS. Then, I go to Di's page and ask myself what she would do. Well, one thing I know she wouldn't do is quit.

Thanks Di. I needed a good dose of inspiration today and you have left that for us all in abundance.


Von said...

Great post about an inspirational activist.

Mother said...


Missing Di too. What a wonderful woman warrior she was and a great inspiration to all of us fighting the good fight.


Myst said...

Ahhh, as soon as I saw the title of this post I knew it would be about Di's article. She is so very sorely missed. One very special lady the world lost way too soon.

Her articles and research are amazing. Luv ya Di!!

Sandy Young said...

She is an inspiration. Her focus never waivered and her vision was as clear as her mind. She got results, too.

Chris said...

""Her focus never waivered and her vision was as clear as her mind. ""

I second that and so respect Di for her immense fortitude....she didn't cave to the those who would dismiss, discount and ridicule her..she kept her eye on the prize at all times. No matter her nay-sayers...and they were definitely out there.

Di is a woman/mother to be remembered with respect. She earned it, in more ways than one.