Saturday, October 02, 2010

I See Cowardly, Misinformed People

*Gasp! They are everywhere and they have targeted anyone that doesn't revert back to outmoded thinking and reactionary mores. That, of course, leaves those of us from the EMS who are mad as hell and not going to take it anymore, wide open to be haunted by these nameless Trolls. Oh the horror of it all....Not.

In a way, these ijits (that's Southern for idiots) do us a major favor. When they come out sounding so uninformed, twisting ideas, taking statements out of context AND refusing to go by any other name than the good old "Anonymous," they are discrediting themselves. Now, they have accused Musing Mother and, I guess, the rest of us EMS moms of teaching the young people of today to get pregnant and live off the state. Gee, I didn't know that 2+2=5.

We only relate our TRUE experiences and point out the failings of society, government, church and family that resulted in our unresolved grief and a lot of confusion for our children who were appropriated for adoption. I have to figure they are either adopters or facilitators or adoptees who are pissed at Mommy. Who knows? What I do know is that they are cowardly and spouting reactionary unrealities out their rears.

Let's do a little bit of imagining, here. Let's imagine that there are two candidates for a public office. They are both speaking in the same town hall. One talks about her personal experiences, tells who she is and why she feels the way she does about the issues. She has facts and figures and the experiences of others to back her up. She puts forth good questions to the current power structure and points out the results of failed policies.

The other candidate wears a mask, will not give her name, and spends her entire time on the podium attacking the other candidate without ever standing up for what she believes or giving good reasons for her stance. She uses scare tactics, designed to frighten the ignorant, the biased and the dogmatic. (Gee, is that Sarah Palin under that mask?)

Which one of these speakers would get your vote? I hate to admit it, but those scare tactics have been working pretty well for some for quite a while. Such non-issues as unisex bathrooms defeated the ERA. What that has to say for the general IQ of our population is not good. But scare tactics are how these cowards operate. We are still waiting for the hurricane to flatten Orlando because of those bad, old rainbow flags.

These nudnicks don't even see the contradictions  in their own positions. They claim to revere the "nu-que-lar" family (one of my favorite Dubya-isms) yet will works their buns off to separate a mother and child. They proclaim deep religious faith, yet seem to feel that God might have made a mistake by giving a child to a single, young, financially challenged mother. They regularly confuse a "hand up" with a "hand out," and whine about teen pregnancy while refusing to allow realistic and helpful sex education and access to birth control to young people. They preach love while practicing intolerance and judgmentalism, ad infinitum and ad nauseum.

Guess what, Anons Everywhere? We aren't concerned with the issues of today except for wishing society were advanced enough to really support single mothers. We are concerned with what was done to us and to our children during the EMS. We care, but we have our own agenda. Unlike you, we are not obsessed with everyone else's sexual activity. C'mon, admit it. It's the sex thing that really has your knickers in a knot, isn't it?

So go peddle your anonymous arrogance elsewhere. We have a message to convey and work to do.

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Sandy Young said...

Timely post, Robin. Thanks, good one. Just about to do a post on the same subject, but mine is a little more pissed off...