Tuesday, October 05, 2010

A Sure-Fire Hit On The Country Charts

I get bombarded with other mothers instructing me on how "IT" should be done, clobbered with causes on Facebook and deluged with the drama of dozens and dozens of the damaged and the deluded. I don't watch the news anymore than I absolutely have to because it is depressing as Hell. I have dear friends who are posting photos intimating that the crowds for the "One Nation" rally were non-existent which is riling me up, big time. I try not to even be in the same room with the Wall Street Journal and I think my husband and my vet are ready to block me from all canine cancer sites.

All this caused a surge of some sort in my synapses and I was delivered of the perfect lyrics for a country tune for my creative labors. I will share with you my bucolic poetry.

One Heartache At A Time

Well, I only got room for just one problem,
At a time.
You say you have pain and some real bad worries,
Well get in line.
I can't pick up your load and head up the road,
When I'm staggering under mine,
'Cause I only got room for one big heartache,
At a time.

I can just imagine that you think I'm heartless,
And I'm rude,
I don't mean to sound insensitive,
Or be so crude.
But the most I can offer is a pat on the back,
And a glass of wine,
"Cause I only got room  for one big heartache,
At a time.

Oh you're running around with your debates and causes,
Every where.
One of you says we need to go over that way,
Another says over there.
Have you ever thought that the shortest way through,
Is one straight line?
Besides, I only have room for one big heartache,
At a time.

Chorus: Well, I guess I'm a fool, I keep riding that bull,
              And every muscle groans.
             My ass is sore, from hitting the floor,
             But I climb back on.

Now aside from all the feuding and fussing,
I have a family.
And I'd only spend time paying them attention,
If it were up to me.
But I've up and hitched myself to my own little red wagon,
And it fits me fine.
And it only can carry just one heartache,
At a time.

Robin (Mindy-Lou)  Westbrook (c)

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Sandy Young said...

I ovam pretty sure that this would win the CMA. Loved this! I hope your synapses keep it up!