Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Vacating For The Holidays

We'll be headed up to the hills again, this year, to spend Christmas where winter is really winter. Our plans to move have been slowed down by the housing market in FL. But we are going out to the land and doing some prelim work if the road is passable. Meanwhile, my hubby is making good on his promise that I never have to spend another Christmas in Florida.

I am taking two books with me and looking forward to reading by the fire where I can relax and really delve into the subjects. I usually read fiction, but I am taking Rohan McEnor's "Rebecca's Law: Sojourn Of A Stolen Father" and "The Purity Myth: How America's Obsession With Virginity Is Hurting Young Women," by Jessica Valenti. These are two decidedly different views that converge in the same tragedy and reach similar conclusions about how and why people are used and abused by the system, especially in the area of child custody. Rohan's story is more personal and Valenti's book is more..well, political and philosophical, but they both are important parts of a whole.

The picture is one we took on the 24th of last year while walking through the Carnifex Ferry Cottages area. It was sunny, but there was too much snow from the blizzard to melt and we had a very white Christmas. In fact, it started snowing again before we left and we enjoyed a walk up to the Civil War Battleground in the snow with our little guy in his argyle sweater. We'll have Dolly with us this year, but we will be missing Rocky. Like you cannot replace children you lost with another child, you can't replace one best buddy with another dog...but there is enough love to allow another one into your life. Dolly will be a, well...a challenge.

So I am airing out heavy coats and sweaters, making sure our cords and fleece are clean and ready to go and getting things packed, including our Christmas stockings and gifts for each other. We have taken the precaution of buying tire chains, even though we managed fine last year with our front wheel drive PT. You never know about those mountain roads and the cut-back to our property is steep and narrow.

There is no Internet at the cabins and I don't have an Internet-access cell phone. Us old farts are doing Jitterbugs, now and cutting costs. So I will be missing but thinking about everyone from Sunday the 19th through Tuesday the 28th. Of course, if Hubby can't pry me away from the hills, we will have to see about getting Internet service. There might be a struggle ensuing.

Meanwhile, to all those who have kept me blogging, I thank you, I appreciate you and I wish you all the Happiest of whatever Holiday you celebrate. I do secular Christmas, but I do it up big. See you after the trip. I am sure, after reading those books, I will have a lot to say.

Merry, Happy and Safe Holiday Wishes from Robin, Darrell and Dolly!!

And a word from Rocky..........


Anonymous said...

Hope you have a wonderful time and enjoy the time together.

Gale ps do you by any chance have addy for cards that stated Mary was an unwed mother? I think they were on cafe mom.

Robin said...

I'm not sure, Gale...maybe cafe press?

Anonymous said...

Have a lovely holiday Robin. Your speaking out gives me strength while I am still trying to find my own.

Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog for some months now, I came to it via F.M.B.M/ forum.

I really enjoy your style of writing and have found both understanding and strength from your entries.

Teenage pregnancy and surrender is an extremely difficult road to walk, and reunion feels like a minefield of emotion. Your writing reminds me that I am not alone in my thoughts and feelings, thank you for writing with such maturity and eloquence on this very difficult subject. .
Wishing you, your hubby and little Dolly a very happy festive season.


Robin said...

Thank you, Sue.

Kathy said...

December 27, 2010

My anger at my motherhood being stolen from me, when lawyer David McConkie and "social worker" Colleen Burnham of Children's Aid Society of Utah stole my only child from my only pregnancy away from me and adopted him out under concealed adoption, cannot be overstated. Above everything, before anything else, I consider myself a mother. I AM my son's mother, and always have been!

Those folks who tried to force me to forget my child--and again it was the lawyer and so-called social worker who did things like break into my apartments and steal things like toys (I'd bought), baby clothes and blankets, etc.--I finally concluded were unrealistic in their expectations that I should forget and obviously criminal in their actions of stealing baby items from me because they wanted me to forget. At one point this lawyer and "social" worker stole pennies I'd been putting in a piggy bank I had bought "for my son" by, again, breaking into my apartment and simply taking the money out of the piggy bank which is a ceramic blue and white bear.

This extremist behavior by this miscreant lawyer (David McConkie) and lying "social worker" (Colleen Burnham) was just about as abnormal as deviants get. What lawyer David McConkie, who is among the legal counsel for the Mormon church, does is NOT consistent with practicing law. Instead this lawyer, who brags about being a high-powered Mormon church lawyer, commits crimes in furtherance of his adoption predatory practices. And the supposed social worker, who was NOT licensed at the time she and the lawyer ripped my baby away from me, was a monster! I think she's dead, now. Even so, this doesn't lessen the family tragedy she and the lawyer heaped on not only me but of course my child and other family members. What's worse, is that they had no remorse and no shame.

Other lawyers and "social workers" are just like the ones in my and my son's adoption matter. They all steal babies on the one hand and then furtively subject their mothers (us, natural moms) to endless deprivation and hardships on the other hand.

I call this "murder on paper" because once any lawyer and judge close (seal) the records in any adoption matter they essentially "kill" the child's mother. They effectively "murder" us, in other words, and so make us dead to our child.

The folks at Bastard Nation wrote a good piece about this, a few years ago. It's a very insightful article.

Kathy Caudle
Natural Mom