Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Somebody Needs a Time Out

They say, "Don't feed the Trolls" and I, to a certain extent, agree. But I am sitting here, wondering what nerve I touched or if this is just general verbal garbage.

Our old friend "Anonymous"(Indian name is "Big Coward Afraid To Use Real Name") who seems to have problems with either sentence structure or English, left this gem in response to my "Shameful" post. When I get the really ridiculous, ignorant, totally off-the-wall comments, I love to shine the light of day on them.

"Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Shameful":
Won't you die already, old daughter of a bitch cunt. We do not care your
mother did not provide you with sufficient affection and love. Thankfully your
bigotry and views will be a thing of the past once your generation will

So tell me, Anonymous; Was all the red licked off your candy, recently, or did someone urinate in your granola? It had to hit hard for you to call my mother names. Seeing as how she is deceased and beyond your gibes, the worst things you called me were "old" and "bigot." LOL...He/She don't know me vewwy well, do he/she?

Well, Trolls are gonna troll and they love to get a rise out of anyone. Have a good day, Anon. My friends and I have had a big laugh at your nastiness which is both clumsy and shows a gigantic lack of emotional control. Hope you got some bang for your buck. Happy trolling!

(Is it just me or is the world getting nastier?)


J. Marie Jameson said...

YES! The world is getting nastier... I see it, read it, hear it an feel it every day. It makes me very sad for the future.

Real Daughter said...

OH my God, Robin....Please post this person's ip info....I am so sorry that yet another uninformed adoption loving idiot wrote those things.

Michelle said...

WOW. That's...um...yeah, I'm pretty much speechless.

Robin said...

Linda,tell me how to find that ip address...

Anonymous said...

Vapid comment from someone who has so much hatred in their heart.

I must admit I am not as fair as you are. To comment on my blog you need to be a member and all comments are subject to my moderation. The reason is that some people have a vested interest in keeping the 1.4 billion dollar a year adoption industry running smoothly. And by assaulting us with their angry posts they hope to silence us and keep the machine running smoothly.

My blog is there to throw a monkey wrench in the adoption industry. And I am not as fair or tolerant as many of the decent folks like you are. But I am not fair for a reason. I want my voice to ring loud and clear for all to hear and will not waste a moment on those decrepit pro-adoption anti-natural family narcissistic psychos. Sometimes peoples good intentions such as allowing free speech as in your blog can get in the way of delivering a message that needs to be heard. Not a critisism here aimed at you- just that your good intentions will be used against you by the cogs in the adoption machine.

Real Daughter said...

Ill send you a message, sweetie.

ms. marginalia said...

The world has become nastier, definitely nastier. Sorry that you had another troll attack. I don't know why these idiots think they have worthwhile thoughts in the first place.

Lorraine Dusky said...

The ability to leave anonymous comments has loosened tongues to the inner beast within man, the way little children have to be taught that not all is fight and fight to get what you want.

We just had a ridiculous comment left at an old blog at FMF about how the real problem is that women who have babies in poor countries basically shouldn't pass on their genes, as they so inconveniently do by having babies. I did track the suspected IP: it came from the enlightened lalaland of Plano, Texas.

Ignore and move on. The world needs you.

Robin said...

It didn't really bother me, Lorraine. I was just kind of amazed at the venom. This person is sad, to me. How much hurt would go into saying something like that?