Saturday, September 27, 2008

I'll Have Some Cheese With My Whine

My hubby took this picture of my toothless scream and it was too good not to share. Bear with me, dear reader, because it has been one of those weeks.
Just one day into my lovely visit with my Irish guest, or, as I have dubbed her, The Dublin Tornado, Hubby comes down with an inflamed tendon in his leg which kept him out of work for a week.
As the week progressed, I noticed my lovely lass getting droopy, tired and peckish with her food. I finally went to her motel room on Wednesday to find her delirious, feverish and miserable. We got her in to see our MD and he sent us straight to the hospital where she sits, today, under the care of the pulmonologist for a bad, bad infection. We hope to bring her here (home) on Sunday, get her to her pulmonologist appointment on Tuesday and on a plane to Dublin by Thursday. Poor baby....thousands of miles away from home and terribly sick.
Yesterday, I headed out in my Christmas Present PT Cruiser (she is periwinkle and I have named her "Pansy") to take my friend some of her comfies and other necessities and visit for a bit. On the way home, I reached up to lower the sun visor because the sun was in my eyes and proceeded to plow into the rear of a large, Jeep SUV. The final score..PT to the body shop...Jeep not even scratched. I also got a ticket since, even though this was a chain reaction started by a woman suddenly stopping and turning without giving a signal, I was the only one who couldn't stop in time....$140.00.
Now my grandmother always told me that troubles came in sets of three. You'd think that would be enough, but then there is the usual natter and pinch on the online groups and good people having to defend their turf. It makes me want to put my teeth in and bite rather than scream.
I had to think in this vein. My friend is getting better, Hubby is doing his exercises and taking his meds, the car can be fixed and my insurance is paying for a nice little rental and I get a few extra days with a really nice Dublin Lass. The loss of my step-son to suicide, the difficulties in my life and the lives of my two oldest due to adoption separation and the fact that I have a grandson in Iraq sort of put all this into proper perspective. And, unlike about ten years ago, we have the wherewithal to pay our deductible. Things could be a helluva lot worse. Add to that that the online LADIES (as opposed to those that aren't) are holding their own and it becomes a better day.
Tonight, I will have my wine AND cheese. I have had a lovely whine!


Anonymous said...

Sorry that you are having such tough time. Right now.

Tell Paula that one of her buddies from FMC wishes her a quick recovery and hopefully she will be on her plane going home Thursday!

I didn't have ANY cheese with my "whine" last night stayed up to late for a early morning walk, and then a soccer game for grandson which includes magazine buying you know the sales things schools do.

trivial to your problems and Paula's take care Robin!!!
tired out!

the passionate "peach" said...

Sorry you had a bad week ~ I hate weeks like that, and can relate. It is encouraging that we are survivors and still kickin'!!!

Thanks so much for writing your blog for so many others who are trying to find their voices.