Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Turncoat Of The Day

Not since the late, unlamented Strom Thrumond did his Democrat to Dixiecrat to Republican fancy dance has there been such a switcheroo. Joe Lieberman is exhorting Democrats to cross the party line and vote for McCain. Now there's a picture....a Jewish person from a former losing team not wanting his party members to vote for a mixed-race/African American. It's politics and sour grapes and loser takes nothing as usual. I wonder if he wants McCain to boot Palin and choose him as a running mate? Hmmmm

In any event, I would urge my brother and sister Dems to listen with care to "pouty Joe." Use your native intelligence and realize that this is racism and snitty politics if ever there was any and there is plenty in the old US of A. It's almost enough to start one thinking that anarchy might not be so bad.

As a Senior Mother, I have to investigate and decide what is in the best interests of me, my sisters and their goals. As a life-long Democrat, I have to investigate and make sure that the platform is still in line with most of my thinking. I do know that Democrats tend to be more flexible and willing to listen. No, the Democratic platform is not 100% in line with my thinking, but the Republican platform doesn't even make it to 45%. So you go with the numbers that add up for you. In my case, it's "Sorry Joe, but I won't go."

This is turning out to be either the most historical presidential race in our history and/or, with comedians like Leiberman, the family angst of Gov. Palin and other side notes like the desperate rush by Hillary's contingent to muffle Bill, and the attempts to smooth Mrs. Obama's rough edges, the most hysterically funny. Hey, you have to laugh to keep from crying.

I find it very interesting that Palin's daughter gets to keep her child/ren(?) and is graciously forgiven for her "mistake" when every other young woman who is pregnant and single and/or poor is seen as a lamb for the adoption slaughter. Can anyone tell me what is wrong with this picture? Oh well, that is another blog.

On that note, I would love to direct everyone to Musing Mother and her passionate blog from yesterday. It was terrific and said so much of what I feel. It's a great relief from politics and people talking out of both sides of their mouths. Truth is refreshing, these days.

It isn't even November and I am already tired of the trash talk.


Sandy Young said...

BRAVO! Robin, you consistently rock. Your insights are right on once again. Thank you for your observations, for your consistency and for your gift of words.

maybe said...

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