Monday, September 29, 2008

Just When You Think It Can't Get Any Worse...

It gets better! We picked my friend up from the hospital, yesterday and she is slumbering away on our handy-dandy airbed. She doesn't have to go back to the doctor, here, so she will be headed for Dublin, with special accommodations, tomorrow afternoon.

She will still need tests and follow-ups when she gets home, but this was very good news. We have new reason to hope for the best.

Then, as I was making supper, I received one of those ever-so-rare phone calls from my son, lost to adoption in 1963, asking me how I felt about being a mother-in-law to a woman of 55 and I told him that, if she made him happy, that was all that was important. He said, "I love you, MAMA," when we said good-bye. Up till now, he has called me "Ma" and the closest he came to declaring his feelings was "love ya." Then, right after supper, my oldest daughter, lost to adoption in 1962, called. Hers was not so upbeat as she has Lupus and was not having a good day and has issues with her brother, but, at least, she told me she just needed to hear my voice.

On to the other bad thing....the insurance adjuster will be out to the body shop to evaluate the claim and it looks pretty good. Our insurance is paying for a nifty little Kia Rondo, which drives like a dream, while my "Pansy PT" (I name my cars) is being repaired. I can go sign an agreement with the clerk of court which will allow me to take online traffic school and get some $$$ knocked off my fine and no points assessed against my license. Our insurance will probably go up, but such is life. It will cost us a co-pay but we will survive.

Hubby's leg is better and he is back to work, trying to do some damage control, as well, to our 401K. Looks like we are going to roll it all over into our IRA before it can get any worse. Bush Economics is a disaster!

Other than the fact that adoption still sucks and we have a lot of work to do to expose that hideous industry for what it is, nothing that happened was the worst that could happen. We've been through that and survived. Maybe this was a message to slow my butt down and smell some more roses. I do know that, between my husband, ALL my children and my lovely sister moms (a few of them are really special), my life isn't too bad at all.

So, I'm putting my teeth back in and having a muffin. Then I am going out and finding some gators from my friend to photograph. We tried for three days and came up with bupkiss. I think they know I am looking for them. They remind me of adoption facilitators.

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Sandy Young said...

Get some rest, get your strength up and remember that we are now getting close to the dreaded Awareness....

Love your blog, love you. Gird your loins, my Sister!