Thursday, June 24, 2010

I'm Cranky

This is an "up yours " kinda day. I have a procedure in the morning and I have to prep for it today. That can make a person, who wants her coffee and bagel, cranky from the get-go.

So, while I have a good crank simmering, I will address some of my favorite irritants. "Regionalism" will start me off since that got my back up a little bit, yesterday. I am a southern girl with a northern heritage. My father was from upstate NY but I spent the majority of my growing-up years in the south. I am so tired of people thinking that anyone who lives in the south, especially in the southern Appalachians, is red-necked, inbred and ignorant.

Having traveled a bit and gone to many a Northern state, I can testify that there are many rednecks everywhere in the "more enlightened than thou" states. Vermont could take the place of Georgia in "Deliverance." And go anywhere south of Springfield in Illinois and see where you are and who is there. My home town in SC happens to be home to a college that many refer to as the "Julliard of the South." And that is just one of seven institutions of higher learning.

I have gone to a few meetings and retreats where natural moms got together and a couple where adopted people were in attendance and I heard only a couple of southern drawls other than mine.The person who made up the joke that the only virgin on a southern mill hill was the six-year-old who could run the fastest has never been to MY mill hill.

From that, I will go on to the idiot adopters who answer questions on Yahoo Answers that are directed towards mothers. In fact, I also resent them speaking for us on NPR (recently) and I equally resent the industry speaking for us. We are shouting as loud as we can. Listen to US. We can speak for ourselves! In fact, you might find that many of us, including those of us from the south, are very articulate.

I resent the lies told to our children that lead them to believe that we all are cringing in fear of open records. That is so not the case. The mothers who drank the Kool Aid and are hiding behind their fear are the minority. I hate contact vetoes as much as I hate the idea of mandatory medical history forms. Neither is productive nor equitable. I have the honor of being a mother who was searched for and found by my firstborn. I also like the fact that my son registered with a search group, making it easier to be found. I represent the majority..not those pet beemommies that the industry and the ACLU trot out at every hearing of an open records bill.

I resent people who are ignorant of the era in which we gave birth and surrendered. One such idiot, yesterday, asked why we didn't use birth control. I had to control my laughter to address this one. Even married people were not given access to birth control when I got pregnant. The only thing available was condoms and in a small town, a girl or a boy didn't just walk into the corner drug store and buy a pack of Trojans. Our parents would have known before we made it back home. And abortion was not safely and legally available until the mid '70's. Read your history, Nimrod! We were controlled by our parents...something that the young people of today would find laughable.  But it is the truth.

Most of all, I resent the fact that we EMS moms are aging out of the population of mothers of adoption loss. We have an issue to address and the fact that I am having to undergo a "procedure" and see the doctor every few months for follow-ups shows that real life takes a chunk of my time. With what I have left, I write, blog, send letters to legislators, editors and anyone else I think needs to hear from me. I express my opinions in forums and I obviously scare some people because the defensiveness is rampant. But the rest of the time, I am dealing with a busy, eventful life.

I am frustrated at being so far from my kids and my sisters, especially since my sister has become so ill.

I am mildly annoyed at hit and run trolls on blogs and forums. However, I do get some entertainment from them. Anonymous cowards can be amusing.

I am very annoyed at the economy because we need to sell our house.

I am furious at BP and the likes of Rush Limbaugh and some GOP legislators. Take a look at the beach in Pensacola. This is ridiculous and scary and sickening.

OK, that's it for today. I am sure I can come up with more tirades after tomorrow. Nothing can get the annoyance flowing like a good procedure.

PS: On the upside, I don't have to put my teeth in today. Why should I when I will be inside all day and on clear liquids?  I can really look like Granny Grump.


Just Me said...

You need a thumbs up button for people who like your posts but have nothing else to add. :)

Robin said...

Does Google have those available?

Just Me said...

Sadly, I don't think they have a thumbs up but I think they have a way to make a LIKE button.

Von said...

You can get a button, can't remember how it was a time ago.
Hope the procedure goes well and you get to eat and rink something nice soon.

Robin said...

They do, Von and Just Me, but it is beyond this technically-challenged granny to do. Anyway, in a couple of hours it will be "COFFEE-THIRTY!!!"