Saturday, June 12, 2010

An Invitation To A Dance

Just a note to say that this site is temporarily closed in order for me to take some deep breaths and a break. Now, if anyone misses me, terribly, as I am sure you will, you have an invitation to take a little click of the mouse over to the open and unmoderated blog of my friend, MusingMother. There, you can feel free to ask leading questions just because you are "genuinely curious" or engage in "lively debate." We'll see how long THAT lasts.

She is, unlike me, truly curious as to what you all want from us. I will tell you that what SMAAC is or is not doing is no one else's business. I will also say that saying the many men who loved and left us in the lurch were just "products of their time" is a LOUSY excuse for poor behavior and patriarchal inequity. "That's just the way things were," is not an excuse for anything that was unjust, hurtful and wrong. Wrong is wrong.

I'm going to spend a few days with my hubby and my dog and some friends and family.

I also hope to find a guru who will tell me why, if what I have to say is so offensive, do so many people come here? Only the shadow knows.

This is Robin Westbrook, saying "so long for now."


Baby Love Child said...

Well, as one of the people who came here, I hope you'll both take the time you need and that after your break you come back with more.

It will be much missed.

joy said...

Do what you have to do. I can't say I understand what happened or who said what or why they said that.

Like I have said before, I really respect your experience although I am sorry you had it.

You have already helped a lot of people, most personally me and my mother, who I got to see tonight.

I don't care who says you are wrong or right, I believe in you. I may not always agree with you, but I don't like always agreeing with people. That is boring.

What I always fall back on when I get flack, and I have gotten flack since the day I was born, I am a magnet for it, 'God created me in all his wisdom, who am I to argue?'

In otherwords, carry on with your bad self, you only get one chance to do so.

You went through hell and you are here telling the story. That per se deserves respect in my book. You aren't candy-coating and wishful thinking.

Dream big, ask for an apology, you deserve one. Big Time.

Robin said...

Thank you, Joy, Just taking a rest. denial here. I tried that route and it didn't work out well...LOL