Friday, June 11, 2010

Uh-Oh, Spoke Too Soon

I had thought that the brouhaha had finally begun to wind down and the offers of peace, or rather, "you do your thing and we'll do ours and leave each other alone", had been accepted. From comments received and things being said, it seems I relaxed too soon.

Now, whether this is just a couple of die-hards, one stubborn, self-absorbed, self-appointed expert who cannot let anyone disagree with her, or a group who thinks we need to be assimilated by the Borg, it has gone far enough.

If this is a group of people trying to undermine SMAAC, Wow! You all must think that a few grandmothers have a lot of power. If we scare you, then you must not be very sure of your position. What damage can we do to you? Undermining you is not what we are about. We have no desire to disrupt anything except, and that is only if, there are actions that have the potential to further hurt mothers of the EMS.

If it is one or two disgruntled, hostile trolls, then give it up. You are making yourself look ridiculous.  Grow up.

Okay, here goes, one more time. There is no need for us to get into pissing contests. You see things your way, we see things our way and so the best thing we can do is each take care of our own business and leave the others alone. We're not going away and we are not going to change the way we think. Unless you hire a hit man to take us all out, we are going to continue to share the same air, earth and Internet with you so we might as well keep our distance when talking about issues. None of us really like infighting, but we are not cowards, either. We won't back down and we won't shut up so why waste your energy?

I remember when I could be one of the mean girls, plotting vengeance and carrying out vendettas against whatever other group of mean girls was looking at us sideways. Ladies, that is so middle school! It's past time for us to realize that one issue does not fit all and let it go. Our philosophies differ. So what? Only years and the journey that society takes through those years will decide who is wrong or right. Who knows? It could be that we are all right. I know there are some things on which we do agree and that means it's just possible that we might all get some important things done.

We may succeed, we may not. But can't we at least be left alone to try? Our numbers are dwindling as we age. We have already lost EMS mothers who have passed from this life, and other have reached the age where they don't have the patience for the battle or the energy, anymore. With who we have left, we are trying to, at least, leave a complete record of what happened, how out of proportion to common decency it was and how we managed to learn,  if too late, just what really was behind it all.

This is American history. It is not Canadian, it is not post-1973 or pre-1945, it is our history and it is real and important. One way or another, it will be revealed and recognized. The EMS/BSE WAS.


Anonymous said...

Kitta here:


even when history can be proven, such as in books as thoroughly researched as those of Rickie (Regina) Solinger's "Wake Up Little Susie" and others...there will always be those who deny history. And try to revise it.

I must only disagree with you on one point that you made: I actually think that some people really do like infighting. Some people enjoy it and like to keep things stirred up so that no progress is made. Maybe they really just want things to stay as they are.

Sandy Young said...

Gotta give 'em points for persistence, anyway! Sheesh, I just wish they would find a new hobby. Funny how those drugs affect you for a long time afterwards....

Robin said...

Hi Kitta, I was just speaking for us. This is getting ridiculous. If they don't agree, they can stay away. I am getting tired of it all and mad enough to do my page in magenta. One more dip into the hostility pool, and it will go to red!

Robin said...

Oh, and "honest questions" which are just lead-ins to an argument/confrontation are also not allowed when we see where it is heading. We've been battered enough and an offer of peace does not mean that the rules for my blog (My blog, My home, My rules) have changed to allow people to either advise or debate me or SMAAC. Can we please just leave it alone? If I had some email addresses, I would talk to you privately, but then, I already tried that with a few and it turned into a barrage of patronizing, condescending salvos. Thanks, but no thanks. I'm too frickin' old to get any fun out of that.

Anonymous said...

I was born and sold in the EMS. Women was pressured to believe it was the BEST solution.

The adoption industry was and still is in collusion with our government. In doing so, the flesh market thrives and the pockets of the baby sellers are stuffed. They drive BMW's and live in "estates" paid for by blood money. Children's blood.

There could be trolls that are paid to do nothing but stir up in-fighting between everyone in the triad.

I wish the EMS mothers here could de-fog my EMS mother!!!!

Robin said...

So do I, Honey. So do I. If I could get face to face with her, I'd give it my best shot. But the written word seems to be a source of just more trouble. I'm sorry she is still drinking the Kool Aid.

Anonymous said...

I love the passionate color. I'm sorry to hear all the malcontents annoying you. I hope things clear UP!

KimKim said...

Oh don't worry I'm always getting into trouble with things I say. There will always be somebody huffy with you and someone you find annoying! I love your blog. How is little dog doing?
I was hoping you'd take a look at this link:

Maybe you could post this link on a post and see if anyone would like to donate to help this mother out? It's a very moving story. Mirah drew my attention to it. The court case will be next week. NO MEDIA attention that I can see in the papers!!! But I did see an article about a very smug looking adoptive mother who wrote a book....(I live in The Netherlands)

Robin said...

I'll leave your comment here with the link and also put it on my facebook page. That IS disturbing.

Thanks for asking about Rocky, He weathered his radiation treatments like a champ and is fat from overeating while on the prednisone. He is doing very well and, as far as they can tell, is cancer-free, now.