Friday, August 22, 2008

Bad Old Days Comin' Back Again

Anyone who doesn't believe that private agencies, this government and its minions are not trying to "re-criminalize" and isolate unmarried mothers and deal in infants is not watching or reading the news. This is why Senior Mothers are so intent on getting attention for the EMS in order to show the public just what it might be getting from these baby brokers and state social workers and how it is hurting vulnerable women and their infants.
Our reproductive rights are NOT enhanced or bettered by this kind of operation. When will NOW and other feminist factions realize that the right to keep and raise one's infant should also be a part of a woman's reproductive rights? Where is the ACLU when we need them?
We had our rights taken from us along with our children. Do we really want to see this happen again and to this great extent? Think about your sisters, daughters and granddaughters being coerced and bullied and conned by a huge industry into surrendering the rights to YOUR flesh and blood. Gladney is a fancy holding facility for fecund mares. Any pregnant woman who walks through that door doesn't have a glimmer of hope if she decides she might want to keep her baby. In other words, if you go to Gladney, you're toast as a mother. Now they are extending their heinous tentacles into the third world countries and reaping their infants. Read this and weep.

Gladney Center for Adoption Announces New Marketing Campaign and Updated Website

Last update: 11:51 a.m. EDT Aug. 21, 2008
FORT WORTH, Texas, Aug 21, 2008 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- FORT WORTH, Texas, Aug. 21 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Gladney Center for Adoption has recently unveiled a new marketing campaign as well re-launched Gladney's updated website.
The Birth Parent and Adoptive Parent Campaigns have a new look with the development of new marketing creative materials. Gladney's new Birth Parent campaign, "Encouraging Words," brings a message of hope to those experiencing unplanned pregnancies. Hope is hidden in the everyday environment and with Gladney; a birth mother can find hope. (Yeah, right. She can go there, knowing her baby will not come home with her.RW)
The Adoptive Parent campaign is designed to create a message of hope, love and anticipation that adoptive parents feel as they enter into the adoption process. The materials with a toy chest image, creating a message of love, hope and anticipation that adoptive parents feel as they enter into the adoption process. (Not to mention the self-entitlement, the emotions of covetousness, greed and total disregard for the mother's pain. RW) The toy chest and toys are used as the key visual element and the toys represent each country and program. The use of the toys demonstrates Gladney's connection to each country with which we work and underscores Gladney's expertise in adoption.
The updated website includes Birth Mother video testimonies as well as Adoptive Parent and Adoptee testimonies. The Birth Mother website has a different look and feel than the adoptive parent site. More media stories are included as well as information about Gladney's vast humanitarian aid efforts. The site is designed to be easy to use.
The Gladney Center for Adoption is one of the oldest and largest maternity homes and adoption agencies in the United States, placing more than 27,000 children in permanent homes and assisting more than 36,000 birth mothers. In addition to placing children born in the United States, Gladney's international program is committed to finding permanent homes for children in other countries. Adoption opportunities are available in several countries around the world including Eastern European, Asian and Latin American countries. A genuine commitment to client and social service makes Gladney an exceptional adoption agency and a national leader in adoption.
For more information about Gladney's adoption programs and humanitarian aid efforts please log onto
CONTACT: Jennifer Lanter
Public Information Officer
Gladney Center for Adoption
(817) 922-5968
SOURCE Gladney Center for Adoption
Copyright (C) 2008 PR Newswire. All rights reserved
And who says that adoption isn't an industry? This article is as slick as any spin doctor can produce.
Message to Gladney: STOP MARKETING ADOPTION!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Well our younger sisters do not know a world where no 'choice' exists, but we do and did. I am not Pro-Abortion, but I am definitely Pro-Choice. The younger generation of women, better wake up and smell the coffee, like yesterday. If McCain/Romney get into office...bye-bye the right to a legal abortion, if that is a woman's Choice! Roe V. Wade has been steadily undermined in many states. I feel sure that if this pair get into office, on a fed level Roe V. Wade will be dismantled. And Boy! Howdy...Gladney surely will be stepping up their 'marketing' stragedies and I think we will see the marketing/building of new maternity homes/campuses on a grand scale. Bay-bee Breeders anyone??

Robin said...

Right you are, Chris. There is no way they will stop at subtle suggestions if they find out they have the green light. If these younger moms don't understand what being completely at the mercy of others is like, just let the McCain/Romney ticket get the nod and we will be right back in the bad old days.

Anonymous said...

""we will be right back in the bad old days""

'We' per se, won't be back in the bad ole we already 'gave our fair share'..but the younger women coming up, need to pay very close attention to Women's Rights and Reproductive Rights. We won't be able to fight that battle for them, that is one battle they will have to fight for themselves..Forced Pregnancies. I will gladly give my support in regards to keeping Roe v Wade a legal option for fertile women, but us ole gals can't do it for them. Just hope I never have to say.. "I told you so"!

Angelle said...

Our "dear" president and his wife were signed up with Galdney before the birth of their twins.

I lived in Dallas a long while ago and managed a store in Highland Park. I can remember hearing the owner say to customers "Is that baby from Gladney?" I was so stupid I did not know what that meant. And me with my history!

I am not yet ready to be an activist BSE mom. My reunion is still so new. But I am ready to fight for family preservation. I hope that there is room for that purpose.

Robin said...

Angelle, obtaining justice for EMS moms will be a step towards family preservation. I think you will be able, however, to find an organization that will fit with your current needs. Congratulations on your reunion.