Friday, January 23, 2009

Weary But Undefeated

Coming down from that hope-filled high, today, I realize my weariness.

Hope is not a pep pill.

I feel the ache and the stress of the struggle, deep in my bones.

The frustration and irritation have stolen over me...a soporific of annoyance...calling me to cease give up.

I can't listen. I will rest, and I will not give up.

But I fear the day is coming, sooner than before, when I will not rise from my rest, refreshed and ready to join in the battle.

The urgency is as great as the enervation.

How can we bridge the gap in understanding?

How can we mend the tears in the fabric of our collective journey?

Why must we continue to try to answer questions contrived, by the askers, to be unanswerable? (Do you still beat your wife?)

Why should we have to justify justice?

Pick, pick, slap and is a litany of immaturity and insecurity.

We run that gauntlet and try not to feel the blows.

We stare into the mirror at the gray hair and lines in the face and invoke the inner strength of the younger us.

So, every day is given to work, to solving and reasoning, along with living. And we also have rest.

Dr. King was often weary. So was Gandhi.

In fiction, Don Quixote was on in years when he mounted his steed and charged the fearsome windmill.

Let us hope our courage is equal but know that our minds and targets are clearer.

I have not forgotten you, young girl with the sad eyes and empty arms.

I have not deserted you. Just let me rest and you rest with me.

We will rise from our bed.

I am weary but I am not defeated.

Robin Westbrook (c) 1/23/2009


Anonymous said...

"I have not forgotten you, young girl with the sad eyes and empty arms."

Amen, Robin. We shall not forget because the young girl with the haunted eyes walks with us everywhere. She gives us the courage to rise up after well needed rest, to tell her story.


Marley Greiner said...

One quote I always find inspirational: "95% of the work is done by people who don't feel well." Teddy Roosevelt. No shit!

Robin said...

Tell me about it. I have a husband with Crohn's who works harder than any of the younger members of his group. Sometimes, us seniors have to talk about our aches and pains.

Anonymous said...

Robin you are an inspiration accross the globe.

I'm sending you a mantle of strength, courage, to wrap you in,you will feel stronger, ready for the challenge,just knowing you are very much respected and your vast wealth of knowledge, but most of all --YOU ARE A STALWART---NO QUARTER GIVEN-----AND I SALUTE YOU,AND AM WITH YOU 100%, FOR THE ABOLTION OF ADOPTION.Tartan Hugs Marah.

Unknown said...

Oh, Dear Friend, I am sorry you are weary. You made me weep reading your post. I have also felt that feeling that the world is too much with me, and I could just lay me doon.

I remember a quote someone gave me on a cup once..."don't let the bastards get you down" In this case we can take that literally sometimes!

Chin up and soldier on, Dear Friend. I love you!