Thursday, January 21, 2010

On The Glide Path

Those turbo-prop engines have a unique sound, not at all like the commercial jet liners that usually land at Sanford/Orlando International. Living in a house built right on the main glide path, we have become familiar with the different sounds and know how a troop transport plane sounds.

Governor Charlie (who?) Crist was on hand, in our small hamlet, yesterday to greet returning Americans who were in Haiti, a few rescued families and about 30 "orphans" to be delivered to the waiting adoption faciltators. A friend who works at SOI said the kids looked "bewildered and scared." I don't blame them.

My neighbor is still in Miami. His attorney is having to jump through numerous hoops to help Jean gain permanent custody of his nephews or, permanent enough for him to bring them home and get them settled. Meanwhile, the adoption pipeline is being greased by bureaucratic lard in order to get the goods to the buyers. It seems that adopters have more rights than blood relatives. Jeez..we already knew that, didn't we?

There have been a few of those planes coming in over our roof since the catastrophe in Haiti. I do know that several missionaries have been evacuated to this particular area. Ah, yes...not only are some Haitian children going to be immersed in our "superior" culture, but the Haitian people get the privilege of being bombarded by our "superior" religions. Well, according to Whacko Robertson, they DID make that pact with Satan...or was it Santa? Only the King of the Fundies knows.

Meanwhile, a women's health organization, that would offer safe delivery of their babies for thousands of pregnant, Haitian women, is the target of the American Life League. They say it is "all about abortion." This is covered in more detail in Bastardette's latest post. Hell, even the Scientologists are trying to reap a few sheaves among the devastated and frightened islanders. It seems John Travolta sent a pack of Scientology "ministers" to bedevil the already overburdened folk of Haiti.

Haiti needs food, clean water, shelter, blankets, medical care and funds with which to operate a clean-up. They DON'T need it served up with a side of religion du jour. And they also need a concentrated effort by everyone to find the living relatives of children affected by this disaster, even if that means searching the globe to find them.

I am beginning to feel deeper and more intense disgust at evangelizing and baby-marketing disguised as "help and rescue." They have a difficult course facing them in Haiti. They have their own corrupt individuals who would steal supplies for profit. Help should be offered without any attached agendas. They are begging for the bare essentials.

Those essentials don't include Americanization, Adoption and Evangelizing.


maryanne said...

Good post! I hope your neighbor gets his nephews out OK. I am so tired of the "grief" of prospective adoptive parents over kids they don't know being emphasized over the real grief of Haitians whose family members are dead or missing.

Marley Greiner said...

Wonderful post, Robin. It is clear that a tiny special interest is running the show. Exporting kids for the adoption industry is more important the real aid, infrastructure, and rebuilding It's sickening. The Haiti is important geopolitically to the US and demoralizing the people and breaking up families is part is a strategy.

As soon as I leave here, I'm adding this blog to my "featured blogs" section of my new blogsite: End Child Exportation and Trafficking in Haiti