Thursday, March 18, 2010

Playing The Abortion/Birth Control Card

IT IS CONFIRMED BY JOHN IN SENATOR CASEY'S OFFICE IN WASHINGTON, DC!! This IS part of the verbiage of the healthcare bill as it now stands.

"Sen. Casey’s alternate plan will further reduce the number of abortions by:

* creating a federal Pregnancy Assistance Fund, which will receive $250 million over 10 years to provide funding for assistance to pregnant and parenting teens and college students, as well as pregnant victims of domestic violence;

* increasing federal funding for adoption by $1.2 billion over the next two years.

If there are any bubble-headed Pollyannas out there who cannot see the disparity in this, then a lot of my friends or former friends are not as bright as I thought they were. This shows just how little the mother is valued in our system. As a very astute friend put it, "this shows that adoption is the priority over family preservation."

This will make it more difficult for women in the direst of circumstances to obtain a safe, legal termination if that is needed in their case. It would be an out-of-pocket expense and would, I am sure, decrease the number of providers because the number of women who could afford it would go down. IMO, Casey is pandering to the industry and the self-righteous Right Wingers among his constituency.

Isn't is peculiar that Viagara is covered under this plan but birth control isn't? This is unacceptable.


Unknown said...

The disparity is mind numbing! $1.2 BILLION over 2 years compared to $250 million over 10! How can that NOT show that adoption is the priority and that natural families are in danger everywhere? This puts a pricetag on the head of every single pregnant woman in the world!

Thanks for the blog support, Robin. Great message! Very timely and very important.

Anonymous said...

The intent is of course to push adoption on women. With the "Infant Adoption Awareness Training" there will be more money available and more agencies sending "recruiters' into the schools.

Religious agencies can push their anti-birth control agendas. The hospitals are being taken over by religious groups that don't believe in any reproductive rights, so that women can no longer receive full services.

Rights that were won, like the right to use birth control...forget it..we are heading back to the 19th century and patriarchy.

Unless the younger people speak up and fight back..I wonder if they get what this means to them. I am not sure. They haven't lived under a world that has so hated and despised women.

Susie said...

This is sickening! Not only that the priority is on breaking up families, but paying for viagra, not birth control? I'm off to do some letter writing!


Anonymous said...

kitta here:

that second comment was mine, I forgot to put my name on it.


Melynda said...

This language in the health care bill can't all be blamed on the religious right. Check out my blog post: regarding John Holdren's beliefs about single motherhood. (Holdren is one of Obama's current advisers).


Robin said...

We are aware that a few of those that pander to the anti-choice contingent are on the left side of the aisle. They can also be intimidated by the specter of lost votes by the puritanical and judgmental.