Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Stay Safe, KC

My grandson left for Korea this morning for deployment near the DMZ. He is a career army man and he has to do what he is told and go where he is told to go. Neither I, nor his mother nor his wife, and certainly not my precious little great-grandson are happy to see him going, especially to a place of such unrest. We are trying to count our blessings that he is not being sent back to Iraq.

I dawned on me, as I spoke to my oldest daughter this morning, that this is one of those "family things" in which I might have never shared had she not followed her heart and searched for me. KC was only barely 13 when my daughter and I reunited and my granddaughter was just 7. Now, 13 years and three great-grandchildren later, I cannot imagine these people of my flesh and blood not being in my life. I am Mom, Nanny and Great-Grandma and I can watch and see my family stretching its arms out into the future.

No, watching my grandson leave for a deployment in a hostile area is not something to be happy about...but being able to know him, to pray for him and to support his mother and wife and sister and child is a privilege I cherish. Will I worry? Well of course I will feel concern and I will light my candle and hope for his swift return. But I am honored to be kept aware of his comings and going and wouldn't change that for anything.

So KC, stay safe. I missed your birth and the first 13 years of your life and a lot more while your Mom and I were trying to get our heads and hearts wrapped around this reunion thing. I don't want to miss any more of your journey through this world. I should have never missed any of it to begin with, but now is all we have.


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