Friday, March 14, 2008

Correction on Previous Post

I made a mistake that merits a correction on my previous post. I inferred that there was no one doing anything about obtaining a hearing for BSE Moms and that is inaccurate. BSERI, a reasearch and investigation group, is doing more than their part and seems to be the only organization that is. It is a closed group and, therefore, what they are doing, how and when, is not for the general public until they are ready. I agree with this tactic and support BSERI.

I also would like to tell the younger moms who seem to feel we are either wasting our time or being insensitive to their pain that they are not totally seeing the big picture. When you are confronted, head on, with your mortality, as many of us have been, and you have been a part of a MASSIVE and overt program of eugenics and discrimination, then you have to fight for your right to be recognized and heard. Our days are numbered and our lives will count for nothing if this heinous period in our national history is not laid open for all to see the ugliness and injustice done to millions of women and their babies.

Because they were able to do this to us, it made it possible for them to do it to you. SH** rolls downhill. They have changed the modus operandii but not the crimes. That we know. We are talking about public shaming and discrimination done to millions in one fell swoop, so please, don't begrudge us our justice.

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