Monday, March 10, 2008

Go Ahead, Make My Day

This is one old BSE Mom that gets grumpy when the time changes and if there is anything to make me grumpier, it would have to be the same old arguments about the same old subjects with no one changing anything but the amount of space taken up in the comments section.

Dear Hubby remarked, as he walked out the door into the unnatural darkness to go to work, that he was glad I was facing this day, unarmed. Sometimes, frustration can make you feel old, tired and ineffective.

I am about ready to go with "Barfmuggle" in her comments about the need for attention to the BSE and its ramifications and the damaged multitude that resulted. You'd think that would be reason enough. I, personally, believe that you have to go back to the beginning in order to make changes down the line, but, at times, I also don't give a rat's ass. Just let's have an honest look at the most massive eugenics effort in history because it merits investigation on its own.

There are so many out there that think if we address this heinous period of real history, it will take away from their experience and others, still, who refuse to see the parallels between the BSE and the Civil Rights Movement (and said parallels are as plain as the nose on Barbara Streisand's face) and would deny the fact that this injustice deserves the same kind of redress as any calamitous, historical event.

So, I am a part of one group that wants to lump the BSE in with all the other eras and feels "hurt" if we think that it was different, and another group who is making inroads into the investigation of that era and to NO group that is doing a damn thing about it in the way of seeking a public hearing. It could be that, until action is taken, this is all a moot point anyway. But, I will still sign my name with BSE Mom as an identifier and I will still, as my hair gets whiter and whiter, hope for that day of judgment when we are vindicated and someone will say, out loud, that we didn't deserve the labeling, the judgments and the taking of our children for adoption with such arrogant impunity.

And NO, I do not think that adoption will always be with us. If I believed that, I think I would start saving up pills. There will come a day when the wisdom of legal, preferably kinship, guardianships will be the law of the land. Dr. King....I have a dream too.

And while we're at it, could we please abolish this daylight savings time nonsense?


HeatherRainbow said...

I know right... I was an hour late for work, and the laughingstock there today. YOU? FORGOT TO CHANGE YOUR CLOCK? What did you do yesterday?

I stayed inside, sad and depressed because my daughter was stolen from me.

But anyways... is there any current look at doing investigations? When I was working with a mom, I was writing letters / had a ton of paperwork written up for senators, etc calling for an investigation. But, obviously one person doing this doesn't accomplish much. Anything in the way of using groups such as the AAC and Origins to do a mass attack on the UN or something? To get them to do an investigation?

Robin said...

You are ever so right that one person can't do it alone, I might also add that one organization, where people fight over what is important and what issue to back is also terribly ineffective. The AAC is too adoption-friendly and OUSA is not on the BSE bandwagon, anymore.

Uh..."mass attack on the UN?"

I think there might be more realistic avenues to investigate than that. I think even small but well-organized demonstrations and the continuation of letters to congress and media are the way to go at this point. Some of us are pushing this.

One thing for sure, those of us who advocate serious attention to the crimes of the BSE and to a complete revamping of adoption are not going to be "questioned" out of our stance or goals. We might not have all the answers, YET, but we do have the determination.

Also, I am still interested in starting a grass-roots movement against Daylight Savings Time. Any takers?

HeatherRainbow said...

LOL I'm with you on the DST! Actually, I think Ireland recently had it boycotted, and they no longer change their time.

In terms of letters and demonstrations... Maybe it would be different for BSE moms, but I know that 7 years of protests and letters (both to congress and the media) against the war in Iraq has done nothing.

Aren't the people in Congress after all, adoption friendly as well? Of course, I don't even need to mention the media. Look at the reviews of Juno. Isn't there a board or something... I can't recall what it is exactly... some Congressional Adoption Board or something that many reps are on?

Perhaps there could be something with the lawyers who represent cases such as Stephanie Bennett? Would they be able to suggest ideas for how an investigation could happen?

I'm sure that letters and so on are a great need, but alone, again, doesn't look like it'd get the job done to do a thorough investigation of the BSE.

I have no idea... I'm just trying to throw out some ideas.

Robin said...

I still think that it's a matter of what you say and HOW you say it. The Civil Rights movement didn't have all their "i's" dotted or their "t's" crossed but they had PASSION. Everyone is trying to hard to be "professional" that we are losing our passion for what we believe.

There has yet to be a real, noticable 'justice for moms of adoption loss' demontration and the idea of adoption as a bad thing for someone just might merit media attention. It's a jaw-dropper for most of the general pulbic that live in The US of Adoption.

Robin said...

that should have read, "trying SO hard to be professional." I cannot type.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... well, I totally disagree that NO one is doing anything to get a hearing.

BSERI definitely is. But then it is a closed org. But to say no one is doing anything about seeking a government inquiry or hearing isn't accurate.

Sorry... just had to correct that one point, if I may.

Robin said...

Thank you for your correction, Anon. And that is music to my ears. BSERI has my complete backing, for what it's worth to anyone at this point.

Perhaps I misunderstood when I read on the BSERI home page, that it was not an activism group but mainly one for reasearch and investigation. I'm glad that is not applying to action for BSE moms.