Sunday, March 30, 2008

And Abraham Adopted Isaac????

There is another advertisement on the web that uses God and Christianity to support a church-based baby-selling business. They even have a price list that puts the highest cost on Caucasian infants and the lowest on minority babies. The church-based agencies are the worst, using the onus of the "sin of fornication" and "unwed motherhood" to self-righteously rope in mothers-to-be and the parents of young women who loved, not wisely, but too well. Nothing like shame, blame, sin and fear of hellfire and what one's fellow church members might think to reel in the mother-to-be and her family.

Combine this with the intolerance that these fundamentalists have against the right to choose not to carry a pregnancy to term, and you have got a cash cow right there, all dressed up in the interpretation of Biblical text, usually taken out of context and twisted to mean anything but what it should mean. These self-righteous minions of eugenics are usually the ones who have the "Crisis Pregnancy Centers" in just about every community. Walk through one of those doors and you will play Hell keeping your baby.

I have read the Bible, several times, and don't see a single argument for adoption in there. I see a lot of "begats" and lineages and women who were barren being blessed by God and becoming pregnant. We've already debunked the Moses and Solomon stories in a previous post, so why is it that these people can put aside the importance of natural family as it is portrayed in their own holy Book and engage in separating mothers from their babies with such vigor?

The only alternative they offer to abortion is adoption. What about the third option? What about keeping and raising as an alternative? That's where the nasty part of Christianity raises its awful head...the judging and condemnation and intolerance. Who decides who is fit to be a mother? If God is all-powerful, then there had to be a reason that he gives a certain woman, a certain family a new little member. Does God, who is all-knowing, really mess up and put babies in the "wrong tummies?" Eugenics consists of making sure that future generations are raised by the "right kind of people" in order to achieve some kind of Utopia. The LDS is notorious in that area. That doesn't sound like Christianity to sounds like Fascism. It sounds arrogant and unloving. It sounds like patriarchal dogmatism and dichotomous thinking to the nth degree. It sounds like someone wants us women back in the kitchen and the bedroom and the maternity prisons, barefoot and heads down. And women are helping to further this crap!

Jesus would have been appalled.

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