Saturday, March 22, 2008

Have You Seen These People??? An Adoption Crime

Don't ask me how I got this, but I have received a picture of the wannabe adopters who ran with baby Evelyn Bennett, on the advice of the agency's attorney, and have hidden this baby from her family and the courts for over a year. If you know them or know where they are, they need to be busted! This baby needs to go back to her family. My source will remain anonymous. Please note that said infant looks like neither potential adopter.

They and the agency, A Child Waiting, the subject of my previous post, "Busted," have used every delay tactic in the book, even when one court awarded custody to the real grandparents. When the day comes, and it will come, that the Bennetts get their little girl back, you can bet it will be the usual media circus, ala Baby Jessica and Baby Richard (who, by the by, are both happy and thriving within the bosom of their natural families).

They have left the state of Ohio, it is believed or have gone out of the area of jurisdiction. Isn't is funny that, if a natural parent in a custody fight were to do this, it would be called kidnapping? But let it be some "more fit than thou" wannabe faux mommy and daddy and everyone is pulling for these baby-snatchers. Just for once, in the name of all that is decent and fair, let's get this baby back to her family. I'm sorry these folks can't have their own children, but Evelyn belongs with her mom, grandmother and grandfather.

So, to the PAP's pictured above, those that believe in what is right and fair are not going to give up. That child is going to, eventually, go back to her real family and you are going to have to deal with it. Yeah, it might break your heart. But since when is your broken heart more important that the hearts that have already been broken by this horrific scam? I know a young mother who faced threats have only been hinted at and fears that have yet to be told, and her heart bleeds red every day since her baby has been gone. Those threats and those fears were used against her and she felt she had no choice. Well, now she know she does have a choice and she chooses to have her baby raised in her real family.

This is where I get on my high horse...when the pain of a single mom (not "beemommie" but MOM) is seen as inconsequential and unimportant when compared to the neurotic covetousness of the predatory adopter-to-be. Isn't it about time that people stopped hurting women by taking their babies?


slyoung said...

Bravo, Robin. Hope that these people are feeling a little bit of the pressure that Stephanie and her family have been feeling for the last year or so. Maybe this will bring that baby home!!!

Robin said...

Thanks, Sandy. I just hope someone spots them and can let the right people know where they are. The Bennetts have suffered enough.

Ungrateful Little Bastard said...

That baby needs to be home with her mother and her grandparents NOW.

Do we know how old that picture is? I believe Evelyn is 18 months old now? Correct me if I'm wrong.

I cannot believe they were allowed to leave the area of jurisdiction. Oh wait, this is adoption. What am I thinking?

Robin said...

You ain't wrong there, ULB! If anyone else had done this, the FBI would be after them....but the world of eugenics/adoption seems to place people above the law and above morality and ethics.

Anonymous said...

they look very familiar to me.....could they be in michigan??

Robin said...

Michigan isn't that far from Ohio, where they were when they first got the baby, so they could be in MI. They would be newcomers of just a year or slightly more and there would only be the 3 of them, probably.

What part of MI are you talking about? My DH is from Kalamazoo and I am slightly familiar with the state.

Anonymous said...

They may be in Oklahoma they look familiar!

Anonymous said...

I heard they were in Vermont.