Friday, April 23, 2010

Do Babies Ruin Bodies? 'Biggest Loser's' Jillian Michaels Won't Give Birth

This article on Fox News and  on other media outlets has me wanting to spit fire out my nostrils, chew up ten penny nails and cough up railroad spikes. I have had the warped visions of the celebrity adopters up to my tonsils and I am tired of it all. This one really was over the top and she isn't even a major celebrity. At least Jennifer Anniston hasn't used preserving her physique as an excuse for adopting, although that might very well be a factor.

(*It has made me so mad that my evil twin, Damn Skippy, who posts parenthetically and in dark red, has surfaced in this post.)

By: Hollie McCay
The "Biggest Loser" trainer is under fire (*good!) for saying she doesn't want to give birth because she doesn't want to lose her figure.

There is no doubt (*Says who?) that “The Biggest Loser” trainer Jillian Michaels has one of the best bodies in America, and given her childhood history of being overweight, it's something the 36-year-old has worked ultra-hard to achieve (*Can you say "obsessed?"). So hard in fact, that she’s not willing to let it slide even to become a biological mother.

“I’m going to adopt. I can’t handle doing that to my body,” Michaels told the new issue of Women’s Health magazine. “Also, when you rescue something, it’s like rescuing a part of yourself.”

Yeah, right. That is so unprofound and meaningless. I am sure she was trying to be deep, but she missed the mark by a mile.

Regardless of her body, she has a mean, arrogant attitude. She mentioned, in one interview, that adopting would be like rescuing a dog from the shelter. WHAT????  There are, of course, those who are coming to her defense, but if Ms. Michaels thinks that she can just go to the local baby shelter and ask to see the new litters, she is out of her snarling mind.

Because she is successful and has the dough to get what she wants, there will probably be some young woman somewhere that will wind up kicking herself in the ass in a few years for relinquishing her baby. Michaels will probably be drilling her poor, little adoptee on treadmill and jump rope and feeding the kid skim milk and granola and salads with never an ice cream cone nor a birthday cake to be had. The kid will hit eighteen and start main-lining pizza.

One "expert" (see the article) supports this facetious reason for adopting, citing Michael's bout with childhood obesity and parental neglect. Yeah, it sucks being her, but she doesn't need to take another woman's baby to support her precarious self-esteem. No, if she is that frightened of what pregnancy and childbirth will do to her body, she shouldn't get pregnant. I have no problem with that. I know many women who have chosen not to have babies for good reasons. It's the adoption part that makes me want to force her to drop and give me 100,000. How dare she equate taking a baby from its mother with a trip to the animal shelter?

How dare she minimize the wonder of giving birth as doing something bad to your body? Honey, I'll take my soft tummy and stretch marks any day when I can talk to my children on the phone and laugh with them and feel that wonderful intimate connection. How dare she have the arrogance and short-sightedness to think she would be a good adopter with her hang-ups? Get a clue, Frau Fuhrer. You have some issues and not a lot in the way of good role-modeling as preparation for parenthood. Give yourself a break. Don't try for a baby. Go get a nice dog or two. Maybe you can treadmill train them.

(*Oh, and try lightening your eyebrows, BeeYotch.)


Sandy Young said...

How interesting that this was a Faux News Item! Perhaps it is a good thing that she doesn't make any contributions to the gene pool.

It says a lot that she doesn't want to risk her body by having a child, but is willing for another woman, a lesser being, to do it for her. It is clearly one of those "otherness" things...

Isn't it interesting that Demi Moore didn't find that her body was ruined by birth, and in fact, looked stunning through the entire thing and has never looked more beautiful. I suspect that this broad is looking for someone to care for her in her old age, since by then her body will be shot, and there is nothing else there. Clearly personality is NOT something she has spent much time on developing!

Damn Skippy said...

I also imagine that her "woman parts" are so well muscled as to be impenetrable. >;oD

Lori said...

OMG'dess - you have got to be kidding me! In a way it makes sense. Most celebrities that have adopted - particularly women - seem to think that they are buying a child like they would a puppy. The beyotch that birthed them is nothing but a breeder.

Thank all you MOMMY DEAREST's out there - you have now cursed yet another generation with hell.

Von said...

So offensive, so understandable for the shallow and ill thought out.I really feel concern when I hear this stuff, for the kids and the next generation.

Mandy Lifeboats said...

Well maybe Ms. Michaels can't even find a normal man, who is willing to impregnate her muscled body and is hiding behind the excuse she doesn't want to ruin her O! So perfect body? Give me a break!

Her wanting to adopt a 'thing', speaks volumes to what she really thinks of babies and children. She also is setting a very bad female example (well she is muscled, one has to wonder), to the young women of today..telling young women that pregnancy is something to be abhorred, something putrifying to the human female body. Much like the anorexic models have set a dangerous precedent for women of all ages...this Muscled Michaels is also giving a message to the younger generation...once again, it's all about ME, my body, my boobs and my ass. I detest conceit and extreme forms of vanity, whether female or male..they love only themselves. I pray to all that is merciful in this universe, that she will never be able to buy a baby...but I bet she will. Poor Baby.


Damn Skippy said...

Mandy, you are de bomb! LOL You guys wanna go with me to pay a visit on "Killin' 'em Jillian?"

Robin said...

Oh this is a hoot. I just found out that Jillian Michaels was on "The Dog Whisperer." Seems she couldn't do a very good job with dogs and had to have some help. LOL Maybe she should settle for goldfish.

Lorraine Dusky said...

I want to spit, vomit and stamp her don't have a kid but then....don't say I'll just get somebody else's...thisattitude is rampant in so many anys today and I onestly do not know how to stop it, stamp it out, change it other then telling the world how sick an atitude this is.

thanks for posting this.
Lorraine from


Robin said...

Lorraine, I firmly believe it is a symptom of the decline of natural family ties and community in this nation which is leading to the ultimate fall of our culture. The "ME Generation" never died out. Watch out Rome. Here comes the USA.

Raina said...

Love it!! Love love love it!! And you're so right about the eyebrows... jussayin. I'm linking to this on my blog.

Also, I'll make a quick introduction. My name is Raina, adult adoptee, bio mother to 3 and adoptive mother to 1. I just found your blog via alltop and love your voice. Yours is the closest thing to what I wish my own (a) mom's voice was. Great to "meet" you. Cheers!

Kris said...

as soon as i heard this story i puked a little in my mouth. i wanted to spew on her. you did a better job than i could have done with my own vomit.


Amanda said...

If she had made a stereotypical comment about race or disability, the entire world would have been up in arms.

But no, she makes a stereotypical comment about First Mothers and barely anyone (except part of the First Mother adoption community) says anything about it. No doubt, she would want an infant and the idea that infants are "saved" when adopted straight from the uteruses of their poor, young mothers (or the "poor" parents lanquishing in poverty in other countries who are good enough to have their children adopted but not good enough to receive support to stay together) is a classist and sexist statement against women who are being pre-judged. Why is prejudice against women STILL OK in our society?

Her desire to adopt and inflict loss upon a mother and child to selfishly maintain her figure is an equally distrubing issue. But I still can't get over that professional writers do these interviews and print this crap when, I'm sorry, stereotypes are NOT inclusive language.