Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sects, Cults and Kids

Oh bless the poor Bible, whose words are selected,
Taken clean out of context,
Then culted and sected.

"Go forth and breed freely," The Quiverfulls' preachings,
Are based on one small part,
Of a book full of teachings
But that's some maverick Baptists and you sure can't forget 'em.
They'd like to run congress,
But the constitution won't let 'em.

The content-besotted, in the hills, are the Masters,
Saying, "drink strychnine and hold snakes,
And defy the disaster."

Some more hope that young girls will slip out of their undies,
And make babes for adoption,
To make more little fundies.

Then we have the Mormons, who have such a strange history,
But they've taken out Utah,
And How's not a mystery.

It's all about numbers, the more members, the better,
Soon they'll have the whole nation,
Following to the letter,
The rules of the culters, the ways of the Churchy,
All pure and all wholesome,
All judgmental and perky,
So they'll keep on producing or adopting as they need 'em,
But when their cults overfloweth,
How the Hell will they feed 'em?
They must surely crave power, or to out-populate China,
And the route that they take,
Is the same, the vagina.
It gets me that reproduction is the aim of these sects,
Yet they balk at single-motherhood,
And make sin out of sex.
They are on a dire path, and should put on the skids,
But you cannot talk sense,
About Sects, Cults and Kids.

Robin Westbrook
April 13, 2010 (c)


Lori said...

Robin - WELL SAID!

Von said...

Very good!!!

maryanne said...

This should be a Country/Western song.

Robin said...

I think Reba could do a good job of it. Problem is country music afficianados are largely (not all) religious and Baptist. That's one of the things I like about country music though...it doesn't hold back on the real dirt and grit.