Monday, September 06, 2010

So Many Demons, So Few Awards

Pound Pup Legacy is sending out the request for nominees for its next "Demons in Adoption" award. There is a blurb about it in the left-hand column of this blog page. The former winners are notable and deserving. The NCFA, every one's favorite, could almost be re-nominated every year. The adoption propaganda machine in Hollywood can be justifiably proud of the damage done by the movie "Juno" and Bethany Christian Services truly earned their win.

The big question is who to nominate? There are as many demons as there are flavors at your local ice creamery. I am having a difficult time sifting through all the most notable examples of adoption demons in order to choose the most worthy. The list is endless and many of those nominated would not really be good choices because they come from individual situations and could earn the nominator a libel suit.

But, here are my top ten choices:
1-Adopters everywhere deserve this "honor" because it is their desires and demands that keep the wheels of the Industry turning.
2-The National Organization for Women, NOW, for refusing to see the appropriation of a woman's child for adoption as a "women's issue."
3-The Evan B. Donaldson Institute, a wolf in sheep's clothing that presumes, along with the NCFA and others of that ilk, to speak for mothers who are capable of speaking for themselves.
4-On that note, Adam Pertman would be a good choice for something he said that was overheard in a discussion about helping mothers keep their babies. Per Mr. P., "If we helped them then we wouldn't be parents."
5-The government of the United States of America for their Adoption and Infant Adoption Awareness Programs and Initiatives. We can stick it to both sides of the aisle with this one.
6-"Birthmom Buds," a saccharine group of good beemommie shills for infant adoption.
7-"Birthmother Ministries," another example of the same treacle.
8-Any and all Crisis Pregnancy Centers that offer help only to steer mothers towards surrender.
9-Patricia Irwin Johnston for giving us "Respectful Adoption Language."
10-The "Safe Haven Laws" that encourage parents to leave their babies off at designated sites in an effort to reduce the instances of babies placed in dumpsters (overstated..numbers are not that high) rather than offering protection and help for both mother and baby and producing another generation of closed, secret adoptions.

I could keep on and on with an endless list of those who have caused undue pain and suffering to adopted people and mothers of appropriated children. I could add numerous celebrities, such as Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise, Sandra Bullock, Callista Flockhart, Michelle Pheiffer, Jamie Lee Curtis, Sharon Stone, Madonna, Rosie O'Donnell, Hugh Jackman, Angelina (the mouth) Jolie with honorable mention to Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker, for using surrogates. And that is just a small portion of the famous and infamous that have accessorised with adopted children.

I am sure, Dear Readers, that you can come up with a list of your own. So give it some thought, go to the Pound Pup Legacy link (above) and give someone a chance to reap a bit of payback for what they have sewn.

And remember, Demons are as Demons do.


BD said...

Great nominees. I have one, too, but I need to blog first why she deserves it. The potential list is huge.

Linda said...

Adam Pertman nauseates me. He's a sneaky one, but I think people are wising up to him...

Sandy Young said...

as you say, so many nominees to choose from....hard to narrow them down, but I think we need to find an "official" SMAAC Nominee, too.

maryanne said...

Deborah Jacobs of NJ ACLU for opposing open records and claiming to speak for mothers from a stack of anonymous letters.

"All Adopters" is harsh, couldn't you just make dishonest or greedy adopters? How does this broad brush differ from saying all surrendering mothers are unstable or promiscuous?

Robin said...

"All Adopters" and I stand by it M. They could be good as gold and they are still the ones that keep the market alive. Without demand, there is no supply. My brush.

Robin said...

Hit the wrong button...sorry maybe..

maybe has left a new comment on your post "So Many Demons, So Few Awards":

All beemommies who advocate for closed records.

*RW..luckily, these misguided beeyotches are in the minority.

Sandy Young said...

OMG, Linda, me Too!!! He was the one I heard talking to a bunch of adopter-groupies telling them that "if we had helped them, we wouldn't be parents today." That was just after the white paper the Donaldson Institute released on "Protecting the Rights of the Mothers." His real agenda was quite obvious; protect the rights of the mothers AFTER you get the goods....then be as magnanimous as you want to be. Just make sure that the baby is safely relinquished first, otherwise "they will never get to be parents".