Wednesday, September 15, 2010

We're Heading For The Hills

I am really disturbed, on so many levels and for so many reasons, with the tidal surge of hate and intolerance that has emerged with the Tea Party gang. I hate to say it, but I find, in their numbers, many old friends who used to lean a bit to the left or, at least, were on the moderate side. The ignorance about and vilification of President Obama has left me with jaw dropped about the way these people lap up misinformation. I have my own criticisms of his performance, but I don't swallow hate-based lies. This is the kind of mindset that prevailed during the EMS. Seeing it out there, alive and squirming with malice, makes it more urgent for us to head for the hills, literally and figuratively.

Where we are moving, the nearest neighbor is a mile away and people mind their own business. If we are careful about what we watch on TV and read online, maybe we can put some kind of distance between us and the madness. I feel like there is a huge, nasty monster nipping at the heels of the moderate sector of our population. We are in very real danger of seeing religion worm its way deeper into our government. What that has to say about the future of family preservation is really frightening.

Since I know, personally, a few of these TP's, let me tell you what I know about just them. They are members and true believers attending fundamentalist, evangelical Christian churches. They were avid supporters of both Bushes and despised Clinton. They tend to question our president's citizenship and shudder at the thought of any social program to aid the people who need it. They see anything with the tags of "socialism" or "social welfare" as lurking shadows of communistic evil. They are unaware that with Medicare, Social Security, EOE, unemployment benefits, disability income, free public education and many other things that we take as our due, we are already dabbling in socialism. These people are appalled at the sexual behavior of others but feel very self-righteous about any war in which the US is involved, even  those predicated upon outright lies (and for every lie we bring to their attention, we get back, "well, Clinton got a blow job."). These are people who are hanging on to the repressive and bloody legacies of the Puritans, the Native American-killing "pioneers" and the McCarthy era. They really, really liked Ike and think Nixon got a bum rap. Reagan is, to them, a demi-god.

They see Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin as great, political minds and will believe outrageous things if these sickos say they are so. And they believe that adoption is just the best damn thing since sliced bread. They want to keep maternity homes running and build more. They are the kind that blame the victim for her rape and blame the mother for her loss. They are the kind that think records should remain closed and that no single mother is good enough to raise her own child. Please note that this applies to the ones I, personally, KNOW. And it breaks my heart to see a couple of them, really intelligent women, go down this road. Rather than being the kind of friends that will say, "Hell yes, you got taken," they are the kind that are quick to assure me that I have been forgiven for my sin of fornication. I wonder at the group as a whole if these folks are so involved in it.

We have two choices, those of us who are middle of the road or lean to the left and who want to bring Big Adoption down. We can either fight or run. My husband is 70 and I am 65. We are not very scrappy at our time of life. I can write and I can blog, but I can't get out there in the hot sun and debate people who have no intention of allowing reason of any sort to sway their thinking. I can vote and I can write letters telling our leaders that something really nasty is going to happen, but I cannot, on my own, influence the US congress, the state legislature or even our town council.

If what I fear comes to pass and this political scenario becomes fact, then I am going to be glad to be hidden in our very private retreat in the hills, far away from neighbors, neighborhood associations, political block parties and surrounded by rugged individualists who mind their own business. I have even tried to persuade Hubby to emigrate to Canada, but the hills of WV is as far north as he is willing to go.

If I sound like an alarmist, so be it. I've been leery of this kind of political activism since Robertson tried to run for President and Falwell started up the, so-called, "Moral" Majority. Every time I dare to look, I see these monsters gaining steam and gaining ground. In fact, they are right on our heels. Unless we are really equipped and ready to fight for our rights and freedoms, I guess we had better run. But I hate to sound like a coward. I really want to preserve the momentum that began in the 60's when so much became so much more open.

Say, what about a group, with a PAC, banners and media coverage? We could, maybe, call ourselves, "The Humane Majority?"

It might be worth a shot.


Chris said...

I agree with everything you wrote Robin. I am not very optimistic for the future of this country....the feeling of hatred running through our society today is most palpable.
My saving grace...I live in a very Dem city...Chicago. I feel very safe here for many different reasons and on quite a few levels.
My eldest son not long ago attended a Tea Party rally at Daley Plaza downtown. He confronted some Senior Tea Baggers
and told more than a give back their SS checks, their Medicare and whatever other fed funded $$$$$$$ they receive, if they truly believed in what they were saying. Some got angry with him and told him that they were 'entitled' to those fed $$$$$$. Like anything many people talk the talk, but can't walk the walk. And God Help Us All, when common ordinary folk believe in the rants and raves of Limpballs, Batty Beck and Palin, as absolute fact!!
BTW...did you hear Bristol Palin will be on that TV dance show?? We've come a long way baby...when an *unwed* mother now becomes a celeb. Actually I'm happy for Bristol...thankfully no *closet* for her to be hidden in with her baby.
The 2012 election year will be most interesting...I am guessing..America, Puritan Style.

Lori said...

I fear, truly, that you are right. I watch how people give up their freedoms, human rights and sometimes their brains, left and right and want to run screaming into the night. I listen to the ignorant babble about how all latinos from Mexico are "wet backs" and how they should just deport every Mexican-American - just to be sure.

I watch women step back in time. The age group is the 40 to teen group and they are giving up freedom for a man that may or may not be worth the things that they give up. Things like dignity, self-respect, the ability to financially care for themselves, their sexual reproduction rights...and most of all, their good sense.

It scares the crap out of me, I can't afford to run for the hills...sigh.

Angelle said...

Great Post! I am with you.

I heard a spokesman for the TP in Delaware talk today to the BBC. Those Brits must be hooting it up. The guy seriously used the word ain't 3x or more. I mean for real, not emphasis.

My neighbors collect SS and are on medicare but are TPers. I wonder what they are thinking - or they aren't!

Sandy Young said...

The ignorance of these people is astounding! They may be educated about some things, but wear blinders where the Glenn Becks and the Sarah Palin and the rest are. I fear that a lot of this isn't hatred about Socialism, or any other is really thinly veiled and politically correct Racism and Bigotry! It isn't okay to call your President the N word, or call the Hispanic guy down the street a Wetback, so they 'discuss' Illegal much more PC. I am afraid that they would much prefer to ride around in white robes and pointy hats leaving burning crosses in their wake.

I, too, am appalled at the astonishing hatred in the United States today, and am saddened to think that the unwashed masses can so easily be whipped into a lather by the likes of the aforementioned Redneck pundits.

Von said...

Becoming a hermit has to be the right decision sometimes..worked for me!
Us survivors of the 70's have trouble viewing the world as it is and America is the biggest worry of all.I'm so sad for you thinking, creative caring people who have to watch this but all things pass and so will this.

Campbell said...

It's frightening to watch from here in Canada. I believe it's existing racism that's being cultivated. That it's a good day to hate.

"They see Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin as great, political minds and will believe outrageous things if these sickos say they are so."

This is true, worth a head scratch, and makes me very uneasy. I hope the good people of the US keep an eye on what's creeping into power.

I remember being so sure that there was no way George W would be re-elected :|

Just Me said...

I agree...

If I ever get my husband to agree to move to Montana then you'll all be allowed at our compound for sure. I want a few acres and my nearest neighbor/town to be 50 mi in any direction. Of course, in the winter, you probably wouldn't be able to get to us. All the more secluded from the insanity I say! LOL!

Robin said...

@Campbell.."a good day to hate" sounds about right. do you tell people who used to be friends that they are acting like Archie Bunker, only worse?