Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Day Of Mourning

Dian Wellfare 1950 - 2008

Di was a couragous warrior for the rights of mothers. She was the founder of Origins, Inc., NSW and a friend to many of us. She will be sorely missed. Her obituary can be read at the link, above. I'd like to ask all of my readers and friends, especially those of us from the BSE who have profited so much from her advice and leadership, to take a moment today to remember Di.
The best thing we can do to memorialize this champion of us all is to keep the word going out..that mothers and their children should not be separated for the benefit of an arrogant industry and self-entitled adopters....that the women of the BSE are owed an apology, redress and recognition....that something evil is being done under the umbrella of "building a family" and our nation and the world needs to wake up to that fact and start asking the right questions.
See ya, Di. Hold a seat for us.


Anonymous said...

This news leaves me so sad and stunned. She will be remembered by many of us with respect and love.

....for BSERI said...

It's just a very sad day, Robin.

I so agree that the best way to honor her life is to continue the work.

We have all lost someone important, and we all grieve over her loss.


Anonymous said...

Just as you say, Robin, the best way we can honor Di's memory is to work relentlesly for the truth, as she did.
What a fantastic, brave woman she was.

Anonymous said...


A beautifully written tribute to a mother of loss. This is just a horrible time for all of us mothers.

I wish all of us could go and be there for the funeral in full force. I know her friends over in Australia will be there as a representation of all mothers of loss.

I am thinking of her son and her family what a terrible loss and way too early.

hugs Gale

Anonymous said...

i never met nor knew her, but alas, we had/have everything in common. rest in peace sis...

sincerely and respectively

another exiled mother